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IF YOU  don’t already know, this week Angler’s Mail is celebrating being 50 yearsBlog MD old. To celebrate, we have a special 100-page anniversary issue on sale, which will surely be a collector’s item in another 50 year’s time!

Inside you’ll find some interesting snippets from the very first issue of Angler’s Mail and, if you get the digital issue this week, you’ll also receive a digital version of that very first issue.

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 There have been features submitted throughout the 50 years of Angler’s Mail that did not make the final cut. Rarely does this happen nowadays as most of the work submitted to us is commissioned beforehand, but there have been times when something is sent to us out of the blue. This quiz was sent in the post to us a number of years ago (about nine or ten years ago if my memory serves me right) by top sea angler and former Angler’s Mail South West sea fishing reporter Mike Millman.

I can recall a bit of the covering letter that he sent in along with the quiz – “I thought the readers might like this ‘just for fun quiz’ for the New Year issue.”

Get this week's digital issue and you'll also get a digital version of the first ever Angler's Mail.

Get this week’s digital issue and you’ll also get a digital version of the first ever Angler’s Mail.

We didn’t have space to publish it at the time, but our news editor Thomas Petch kept it and so I am able to publish it here for the first time. In fact, Thomas became quite attached to the quiz – he took it with him to the Isle Of Wight a few years ago during a two year spell when he wasn’t working at Angler’s Mail. He then brought it back with him when he returned to the mainland and came back to work for the Mail.

So here it is, the quiz. Can you name the species? As Mike intended, it is just for fun. There are no prizes. I’ll reveal the answers in my next blog next month or, if you can’t wait that long, email me at with your answers and I’ll let you know which ones you got wrong, if any. Good luck!










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