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COME on, admit it…I bet you’ve tried some weird and wonderful baits during your fishing expeditions.

It’s either been for a bit of experimentation or sheer desperation to get a bite.

Stick with me on this one and by the time you get to the end of this blog I’ll reveal something that some anglers have been trying to keep secret…

But first, and still on the bait trail, my pal was out on a local pond last week and just had to ring me on his return and not just to tell me how this new-found water was stuffed with fish. He could hardly stop laughing at what he had seen two youngsters bait up with – a six-inch long sandeel topped off with a slice of ham! I kid you not. It’s true! Not quite sure what they were aiming to catch but they failed. They went home with a blankety blank.

The liver pate in my sandwich was well worth trying.

Just a couple of weeks ago I found that chopping and changing my baits on one of my favourite waters brought me bites on a regular basis. Corn, meat, maggots and various pellets were all used in rotation and then, all of a sudden, I stopped getting bites. There was only one thing for it – a piece of my liver pate sandwich moulded into a paste soon had those carp and tench coming once more!

A fairly conventional bait really in the form of bread and a meaty treat but over the years I’ll experimented quite a bit, usually by going through the shelves of various supermarkets for possible baits. My theory has always been that if I fancy noshing something the fish will fancy it too. Canned fish, any form of tinned meat, something savoury or sweet…they all work.

Taking the pizza? …. there are some interesting hookbaits on this one!

One weekend my lad and I had been catching every put in on a commercial and it had got to that stage where you try different sized hooks, floats, rigs and methods just to keep up interest. We both had slices of pizza in our boxes that were left over from the previous night’s home delivery and were meant to be our lunch. You know what comes next…

Barbecue chicken, all those nice bits from a meat feast, bits of corn and even chunks of pizza bread all caught for us. And yes I have caught on chips but have yet to try an Indian takeaway on the fish, although I can see a nice piece of chicken tikka or beef curry working quite well! That’s if we have any left…

Ok, you have got this far so as promised I’m going to let you in on the ‘secret’ baits that have been catching well for a number or anglers over the course of the past nine months or so.

I don’t fancy them much either, but big roach do!

First up…tinned vegetables! You know what they look like, those diced carrots, bits of corn, various beans and who knows what else! Great for loose feed and not too difficult to get on the hook. Natural baits too, so no danger to the fish.

But the biggie – especially for roach – has been tinned peas!

Yes, those round green things a lot of kids loathe have proved to be a big favourite with the redfins and with the colder weather kicking in they are worth a try.

Persevere though as they might not work instantly, although I do know anglers who were catching well on the green guys in early spring. I fancy they will also work for bream, carp and tench.

And if you see bubbles over your loose feed it could be that the fish have eaten too many…


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