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For many years Colin was a senior Angler’s Mail magazine staff man and he has enjoyed a long, interesting journalism career. He understands match fishing, pleasure fishing, carp fishing – the lot.

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WHEN I go for a day’s fishing it’s because I love every aspect of our sport.

I like getting prepared (not tying up pole rigs though), picking up my mates, maybe having a breakfast on the way if I am out for a full day.

Whilst I am on the bank, whether it’s all day or just  a few hours, I escape from reality.

I try to become one with nature, enjoy the surrounding, pit my wits against the fish, learning new tricks, trying to remember old ones, enjoying the social or solo aspects of fishing and soak in the countryside.

So when all of those things don’t happen I get upset. If I don’t catch I am also upset but not as much as I used to be, because this is what can happen in fishing.

But what really spoils my day, what totally dogs me off is when I discover litter and rubbish on the banks.

Whoever took this with them to the waterside can bl**dy well take it home again!

I’d love to see the homes of these “people” who discard paper, bottles, tins and other more unsavoury items on the banks of rivers and lakes.

Do they just drop the same stuff on the floor of their bedrooms or living rooms at home?

Maybe they do… because they certainly don’t have any respect for our planet.

Ban them from the waterside if they are caught! Ban them from the countryside, bang them up, make them do community service. Make them poop scoop along canal towpaths (that would keep them well busy).

I’m now labelled mostly as a pleasure angler. There is no pleasure sitting among other people’s crap (sometimes quite literally).

Many – no, make that most – commercial fisheries are not only well kept and litter-free, but the owners quite rightly come down like a ton of bricks on anyone who fouls their fishery.

Yet the other week I went to a venue that looked quite nice and was pleasant, but all sorts of rubbish was pushed into reeds and buried in deep grass.

If I saw it the owner could see it… so he is as bad as his customers. He could have done something about this. I will probably not return…

Clubs with regular bailiffs can also clamp down on the litterlouts and I’m glad to say that most of my local outfits don’t have to because their tough policies over the years are working.

Mail reader Connor Tierney picks up litter from his local lake – do you bag up what you see, even if it’s not yours?

So what about on the free fisheries, those stretches of river where you only need a licence?

Police and councils have powers to prosecute litterlouts. Likewise, the Environment Agency is meant to be the protectors of our waters – and the banks are just important as the H20.

Litter and rubbish is not a new problem but over the past few years it’s one that had appeared to go away – or maybe nobody cares any more and didn’t say anything.

I often do my bit by picking up stuff that hurts my eyes before I start fishing. It goes in a supermarket bag that I always in my fishing holdall and I take it home. I know I am not alone.

It’s about time that the real owners of this rubbish took their own stuff home or face action if they don’t.

I’d willingly take their cans and dog turds to their houses if they need help… and push the lot through their letterboxes!




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