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For many years Colin was a senior Angler’s Mail magazine staff man and he has enjoyed a long, interesting journalism career. He understands match fishing, pleasure fishing, carp fishing – the lot.

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I’D always prided myself on being a tidy angler who never broke his tackle I should have kept my mouth shut as I then went on to snap two pole sections – only by walking into it and the other by stupidly trying to lift too much of the pole at once.

And those incidents reminded me of a few other “mishaps” over the years…

Always make sure that you push all your pole joints firmly together before shipping out. Good advice – and I wish I had followed it myself on a Dutch canal! I’d been catching quite steadily, pulled into another nice bream and started to ship back, only to see my top kit fly off into the water.There wasn’t a lot I could do except strip off to my underpants, jump in and swim after the top three. So that’s what I did!

The water was a bit muddy but it was a warm day so this wasn’t too toughgh a task. The kit had been towed to near the far bank so after I had grabbed it, I got out over there, played out a 4lb bream and returned the fish. My mate Dave thought this was all hilarious, especially as he had his camera and was taking pictures. I couldn’t quite make out what he was shouting at me but thought he was taking the Michael. My eyes followed where his hand was pointing and I then realised he was actually screaming out a warning. A rather nasty looking goat was haring my way at the same speed as an Olympic sprinter and didn’t look as though it was going to stop! I was quickly back into the water, complete with top kit, and swimming back to my gear… and hoping that goats can’t swim.

Bulls can however run – and even if they aren’t as fast as goats they are a lot heavier and you don’t want to be caught by one.

Have you ever seen how fast an angler can run when being chased by a bull? If I’d videoed it I could show you me, my mate Harry and his brother Ken avoiding next week’s Sunday roast in our younger days. It’s amazing how fast your legs can move when they have to, how much tackle you can carry at speed and how easily it appears to fly over a locked gate when a bull isn’t far behind. Bulls should however realise that they must stop when they get to a gate. They can’t jump gates and it must hurt their heads when they crash into them.

Oh, and mum’s don’t particularly like eels. They especially don’t like them around 4lb, still alive in a bucket when their sons want to show off a prized catch before it is returned to the river. Harry’s mum wasn’t happy and it was touch and go whether all three of us would get a lift home or be left behind with an annoyed eel and raging bull.

Mum’s also do not like their best cutlery disappearing to turn into lures, or pink sheets being turned into rod holdalls (don’t worry Dave, I don’t think she every guessed). Worms are also something mum’s are not too keen on, especially when the fridge is emptied of food to make way for a precious bait. Neither are parents too chuffed to find frozen lugworm and mackerel lurking in the bottom of the freezer cleverly disguised in pie boxes. This will only work if the family decides never to eat pies again…

Also never try grinding hemp in the other half’s food processor. It doesn’t do the plastic container much good!

I’m just off to check what’s in the freezer as the other half has decided it needs defrosting to make way for a shopping delivery….


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