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ALTHOUGH lots of anglers now favour dead maggots for big fish, you simply can’t beat a nice wriggling grub or worms in my book.

But sometimes both baits move a little too much for comfort…

It’s odds on if you are an angler that you’ve had an escape of maggots in the car. This is, of course, followed by a hatch of some kind of flies, usually bluebottles that zoom out of the air conditioning vents at the most inappropriate time – like when the wife or girlfriend is in the car!

You are bound to have had a shed or garage that’s had black walls or a cloud of flies that look as though they are drugged as they try to make their escape.

But you probably haven’t had an escape of mass destruction as suffered by my mate Geoff. Worst of all, it was a bronze maggot escape.

Geoff had got his usual Friday night gallon of bronze from the tackle shop and put them in an open top bucket so they didn’t sweat. He then had his usual Friday night gallon of beer (not quite sure why when he had an early start)!

He got safely home with the maggots and put the bucket down in the hallway of his house. It was quite late and his missus was tucked up safely in bed so he decided it was best not to move around too much downstairs.

So he went upstairs… and left the bucket of bait next to the radiator. Maggots are, of course, amazing creatures that can levitate out of a bucket. One or two usually go climbing no matter what you do.

But this time the WHOLE gallon got free. And when Geoff came down for his early start, not feeling that great, he wondered if the beer was still having an effect.

His nice cream-coloured hall carpet now had yellow streaks – and his eyes certainly weren’t playing tricks, it was moving too!

The man called Hoover saved the day and stopped the carpet moving but it wasn’t so easy to change a striped carpet back to a plain one.

At least he was able to cadge enough bait off his mates to still go fishing…

You really don’t want to have wandering worms either. They cannot be sucked up so easily with a vacuum cleaner. I know a Dutch motel that can verify that fact.

The worms were tucked up safely in the motel room fridge to protect them against the warm weather. But by the time we returned they had decided they want to see the sun.

However, worms have great difficulty in moving along carpets, especially when they interweave themselves in the pile. They are not easy to extract!

But you still have to laugh at the note we were left by the cleaner: “Englishmen please be aware that wild animals have escaped.”


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