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Every Sunday we welcome coarse fishing all-rounder Colin Mitchell.  For many years Colin was a senior Angler’s Mail magazine staff man and he has enjoyed a long, interesting journalism career.

Born and raised in the North East, but for many years living down south, Colin will have his own weekly blog. He will cover his own fishing as well as drawing on his many and varied experiences in and around the sport. It’s sure to be an interesting read, whatever you fish for!

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Colin Mitchell, vastly experienced angler and journalist, now has his own weekly blog. He’ll cover his own sessions, looking at the past as well as the present, and delve into general coarse pleasure fishing, match and specimen fishing.



EVERY time I load up my car with boxes, bags and holdalls I think back to my earliest days of fishing on the tidal Tees.

Then, it was one rod(made from a garden cane and with a centre pin lashed to its ‘butt’ with black electrician’s tape) and the bus took me and my mates the four miles to the river, if there wasn’t a mug parent around.

A nice tench is just as satisfying as a mammoth catfish

Great memories, of course. The fishing was great too even if we did count success on numbers of fish caught, usually gudgeon, dace and roach…and eels in the summer.

It’s a far cry from today’s carbon poles, luxury rods we couldn’t even have dreamed of all those years ago, and the wicker basket that even doubled as a keep-net on a couple of occasions!

We always look back with rose-tinted glasses, don’t we? Of course those times were good. We were kids, we loved our fishing, the escapism.

Is fishing any better or worse now? Many will claim that its worse…some will admit its better. The truth is that it’s different.

I started fishing more than 40 years ago (I was VERY young!!!) as a novice eager to learn. I ventured into match fishing as a young teen and from then on the competition side dominated my chosen sport.

I loved every minute of it, the trips around the country, the overseas festivals, the life-long mates picked up along the way and the vital angling lessons learned. The winnings and trophies were actually second to all that.

Then, a few years ago, I decided I wanted to do everything to do with fishing. My sea rods came out of storage, a bivvy was bought, trips in search of single species were planned and only a few matches were entered.

The result: an angler reborn.


All-rounder Colin Mitchell with giant catfish caught in Spain.

Now my eyes are fully open to ALL aspects of our great sport. It’s not about how many you catch or how big. It’s about the where, the how, the skill and, most of all, the sheer enjoyment.

I miss seeing some of those match angling mates on a regular basis but it’s great to be on the bank with some other friends who just love their fishing and my son who is hooked too.

I don’t care whether I catch a roach from the local canal, a load of gudgeon from a lake down the road, some fantastic Irish hybrids or a giant catfish in Spain. They all have their merits.

Our sport and tackle has changed in many ways over the past four decades. The enjoyment is just the same…or maybe even better!

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