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WAY back in 1994 I visited an Irish venue for the first time and had a shedful of bream. All those years ago I predicted it could become a match fishing World Championship venue. Now my prediction is about to come true.

Inniscarra Reservoir, just outside of Cork, has had a special place in my heart ever since my first trip there when I landed a bag of nice skimmers. My second trip yielded my most amazing net of bream ever. For four hours I had a fish every drop in on the pole, not one under 4lb, the best an official venue record 7 lb 8oz (bettered the next day by a bream of 7lb 12 oz).


Colin Mitchell casting out at the idylic Inniscarra Reservoir in County Cork, Ireland


From then on I made at least one trip a year – usually two – to the deep lake. I made friends, fell in love with the area and took back my wife and son who also looked on the place as part of their lives.

Then, around seven years ago, tragedy struck when the fishing went downhill at a rapid rate of knots. In fact it was so bad that I fished a festival, packed my bags and skipped the next series of matches to head home.

But three years ago mother nature fought back. Roach arrived in the vast waterway that used to be part of the River Lee. The bream returned, hybrids became a dominant species and the fishing was on the way back.

A successful return for Colin Mitchell.

I’ve just returned from fishing the place for a week and now have a big smile on my face and plan to keep booking more return tickets.

Inniscarra is reborn. I’d even go to the lengths of suggesting it is now once again one of the best venues in Europe for both pleasure and match anglers. And the hard working locals are ready to share their superb venue with the world as they battle to take the World Feeder Championships to the waterway.

One day I fished the section that will be one end of the match length, a stretch that had not been fished for around six months. Yet within minutes I, my son Glenn and cousin David Lowes were into fish. Bream, roach, hybrids and the resurgent perch all put in an appearance. And my Cork-based mate Duncan Lennox reckons we only scratched the surface of this amazing venue.

I was welcomed back by some of the locals as a long lost friend.  I stayed at the home of Siobahn and John Hogan, who also run The Village Inn, and have to say what an amazing place they have (I can’t call it a B and B, it is too good for that – maybe country home would be better).

I hope you enjoy your next session, wherever you go, as much I did over in Ireland.

I’ll be back here on the Angler’s Mail website with another blog next Sunday, and in the meantime there will be another blog every day. Have a good week!

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