Our popular pleasure fishing blogger Colin Mitchell explains how he enjoyed himself on a grim day, including his first taste of Goo!


WHEN you get out of bed and it’s raining you often wonder should you be going fishing.

Blog MitchAnd when an east wind is blowing as you load your gear in the wet as an east wind is blowing you really can question your desire to catch a few fish – as well as wonder about your sanity.

But hey…I had promised Music Mike a few hours on the bank so we did have to go and brave the elements.

However when we got to the lakeside and it was cold and wet the questions got even stronger in my brain.

I decided to head for a spot that I fancied for a few fish – but that big monkey was sitting on my shoulder again…actually it wasn’t a monkey it was a great big heron and it was perched on the bank right where I planned to fish.

But I’d shrugged off the conditions and my reasoning now was that if the fish munching bird was in the area there must also be a few fish around to be caught.

My feathered non-friend soon flew off as I moved into place with my box but I didn’t like the look of the assorted diving birds that were doing various tricks in the area!

This didn’t have the signs of a good day. At all!

Still, us anglers are made of strong stuff so out came the kit – brolly first – a light right on the long pole, plumb up, feed a bit of stuff and slip two maggots on the hook which would surely bring a quick response.

I suppose after all of the bad omens a first bite after 40 minutes was a relatively quick response although it should have come as no surprise that I missed it!

Time for the wonder additive!

Ten minutes later and with no more bites it looked like something needed to be done. A new trick had to come out of the bag.

Actually it was new – a new additive, to me at least, and one which I had high hopes in.

Let me take you back first by one week to a session on a different water where I could catch but couldn’t get a sniff on a pellet.

Out came the new additive and a quick squirt went onto a pellet. Instant reaction and carp in the net. Now that could have been a fluke if I hadn’t had a few more fish on the same trick…


I’ve been getting on the Goo!

So back to today and out of the carryall came the Korda Kiana Goo – caramel flavour as I liked the smell of it and thought a bream might too (no carp in this venue).

A nice squirt on double maggot which were lowered into my swim…where the float just kept on going down after it had cocked.

A quick lift of the pole and a 2lb bream was in the landing net. A fluke? Only one way to find out…

Two maggots with nothing on them went out and no bites were forthcoming. Two more were doused and went out… and a near-4lb tench was yanking on the elastic before being scooped up!

You’ve probably guessed by now that I repeated the above a couple of times and added three more bream on the treated bait but couldn’t get a bit on normal maggots or even a piece of work.

The anglers along the bank from me had just a couple of small skimmers.

Ok, no cast iron proof that the Goo worked but in my book it smelt nice, gave me confidence and produced the goods when nothing else did. There’s a video on the stuff here with one of the Korda carp fellas.

My tube of Goo has earned its place in my carryall… along with some more flavours I plan to add within the next few weeks!

Look who’s watching me…


Not sure what he can see from way up there in the tree!

Right…back to the bad stuff!

The bites dried up but not before I had two diving birds crash into my rig during their underwater travels.

And that heron returned and parked itself high in a tree opposite me. In fact I have never seen a heron perch so high! It was ominous.

The weather also took a turn for the worse and when Mike misread the time at 2.20pm when it was really 1.20pm I was actually glad. We packed up earlier than we had originally planned.

Gear stored at home I still had a flask of nice hot coffee I planned to hit but as I walked into the kitchen the flask gently hit the corner of the worktop and I heard the inside shatter into a million pieces.

Still five nice fish on a grim day and my gear not soaked through has to be a decent result when we are still in the bad weather season!