Richard Howard, Angler's Mail features editor, sees more gear than anyone on the magazine. He reflects on the fact that it's actually pretty cheap to start fishing, especially with the price of some new rods hitting tackle shop shelves, like the Korum design being tested below.


IT struck me the other day whilst we’re all being stretched financially, from food to fuel, from gas to electric and house prices, it can be pretty cheap to start fishing.

What I’m getting at is that there’s some great value fishing tackle out there, perfect for getting into the sport, whether you’re a potential dad and lad combo or simply thinking about giving angling a bit of a go again, after a break.Blog Dickus

Looking after the tackle pages each week on Angler’s Mail, you see and hear about some great ranges coming through, that would have simply been out of reach 35 years-plus ago when I started out.

Like the Korum trio of rods in this week’s First Trial – they’re all under £50! Gary Newman’s photographed using one above. Yet you can go out and bag on them, season after season!

I remember saving up for my first carbon rod over 30 years ago – a DAM Quickstick – I think I paid £80 plus for it then, and that was with a broken tip!

So what kit is currently available – to get you off on the right foot? Here’s some examples…

The Drennan Red Range – There’s a choice of five rods from method feeder to mini carp feeder rods, from pellet waggler to carp waggler rods and they’re all around £50 each. And to go with them there’s the Red Range Float and Feeder reels for under £20! Bargain!

And what about the Korum rods I’ve mentioned above. Trialled by Mail all-rounder Gary Newman who rates them for the money too. There’s a 12 ft All-Rounder, with it’s Avon style action, a 12 ft Quiver with it’s 1 and 2 oz tips and a heavier Barbel Quiver with 4 and 6 oz tips. All for just under £50 – bargain.

And then there’s Korum’s extensive ‘Commercial’ CS Series and their Carp rods for around the same price point. Great value for money.NASH

From Nash on the specialist side we’ve got we’ve got their H-Gun FR-8 and FR-5 freespool reels, from £34.99 and the H-Gun big pit reel, the BP10 for £44.99. (Pictured) That’s a lot of reel for the money.

A lot of anglers have opted for their H-Gun Carp Rods too, to get off on the right foot – £54.99-£76.99.

Staying on the carp side Fox International offer some very popular Warrior-S rods which will catch you plenty of fish – for around the £65-£80 price bracket with their EOS reels to match.

Whilst Pure Fishing’s Shakespeare have been very competitive across their coarse range too. Their Mach ranges were always hard to beat. Now we have a Sigma rod range most of them under £40. And the more mid range – £65 ish Agility range. All well worth checking out not to mention their matching reels.

Shimano too offer some very capable entry-level ranges in the shape of their ForceMaster feeder and float rods – shop around they’re under £45. With reels kicking off from £14 or £15 if you hunt around. You can’t go wrong.

All the kit I’ve mentioned is more than capable of bagging big match bags as well specimens of most species. And it’ll last several seasons if you look after it.

Couple the kit above, with the bargain smaller accessories available from the likes of NGT, Dragon Carp Direct and the likes of Chapmans on the mail order side, they offer competitive rods and reels too, and it’s never been easier to set yourself up at a bargain price with a bit of savvy buying and Internet surfing!

There is no need to splash the cash to go out there and catch. It’s really what you do with it that counts.




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