The big day is almost here. Angler's Mail editor Tim Knight gives a few clues to great Christmas gifts for anglers. If you like this blog share it by clicking the social media icons above.


WITH the clocking ticking until Christmas Day, and  Black Friday and Panic Saturday shopping rushes behind us, it’s now or never for the right fishing-related gifts.

If that angler is YOU, or you have a fisherman to buy for, you have our every sympathy…

fun-santa-hat-stuff-christmas-i-d-rather-be-fishingBut hey – this sport has more gadgets and gizmos than any other. I defy you to name a pastime with more kit associated with it!

Getting the right Christmas gifts for anglers are, however, no simple matter. The endless array of options only serves to complicate matters.

How many anglers really wanted that signing Big Mouth  Billy Bass (above)? Not many, I bet. And how many anglers have thanked loved ones for tackle they can never use or books they will never read…because it’s for the ‘wrong’ sort of fishing.

You don't want one of these. But you might one of the things below...

You don’t want one of these. But you might one of the things below…

Now for some fab fishing gift ideas for anglers…


The gift that keeps on giving!

I’ll get the plug out of the way first – an Angler’s Mail magazine subscription. The festive deal starts from just £15.99. It’s the gift that keeps on giving too –  every week you, or the person you are buying for, receives the latest issue of AM delivered to the front door.

This link also takes you to other types of magazines and their latest Christmas gift subscription deals, if you are looking for gifts for non-anglers.



The trolleys Santa would love himself

Got too much tackle, and struggle to cart it to the swim? Personal mobility maybe not what it once was? I’m impressed by the fishing trolleys that are electric powered, produced by Powawalker.

They’re a lot cheaper than a new car on the drive on Christmas Day, but are the Rolls Royces of fishing tackle transportation wagons.

The PowerWalker Cargo 2 (below right) sells at £269.99 – so clearly it’s a  BIG gift – and will carry its payload effortlessly over even the toughest terrain.

Carp anglers will be impressed by the sleigh-like Powawalker Ranger model (below left) – a four wheel twin-motor electric power trolley. It sells for £549.99.

More on the range at the Powawalker website.




No charge for this next idea

Running out phone charge is inevitable on some fishing trips especially with today’s energy inefficient smartphones.

And when you have to phone home to say you’ll be late because the fishing are biting, but you can’t because the mobile run out of juice, you could be in deep trouble!

Enter the latest wave of charge packs. We’ve seen many sorts, some cheap and weak. Others even require normal batteries to run them (Eh? Batteries to recharge a battery?!)

Amongst the very best are those from Powersolve who will give you, as an Angler’s Mail fan, an extra 20% for a limited period if you, or the person buying for you, buy online and enter the code Angler M.

I like their camou verion (below). Some models in the Powasolve range will also fire up tablets – handy for long-stay carp anglers, and general use when away from home too.


T’s are good – even Ebenezer Scooge would agree T’s are good!

When it comes to buying clothing, the No.1 lesson I have learned in life is don’t buy your good lady friend any underwear. It’ll be wrong… too small, too big, too unsexy, or too darn sexy. Lads thinking of heading out for last-minute Christmas shopping… ignore my words at your peril!

But for anglers, there are various safe bets with clothing – warm socks, gloves and hats, for starters.

Being less safe, and more fun, there are lots of cool T-shirt designs for anglers this Christmas. Something for everyone. And sizes – unlike saucy undies – are easy to fathom out: S, M, L, XL, XXL… you know the score.

Angler’s Mail has its own big branded range of quality T-shirts and hoodies, and fun fishing mugs too, at competive prices, delivered for Christmas, at this link. They include the trio below.

t shirts

Check out a brilliant range of fishing T-shirts, hoodies and mugs at



Some of the great books Angler's Mail will be reviewing.

Some of the great books Angler’s Mail will be reviewing.

Book ’em, Danno!

Ok, so you’re staring at a screen right now, but there’s a real pleasure to reading a book, old skool style.

Fishing books have made a real comeback in the past few years, and right now – in the run up to Christmas – there’s been a glut of releases… good, bad and ugly.

The best 2014 book releases, including very latest publications, are being written about by a colleague of mine, Greg Meenehan, as I type. Our Greg reads so many releases each year, that I trust nobody else’s judgement more when it comes to books!

If you are looking for book ideas, Greg’s favourites will be revealed, exclusively, in the Angler’s Mail magazine issue on sale from Tuesday, December 9 (on sale to and including Monday, December 15).

If you cannot wait that long, a couple of unusual, inspiring options to consider are Be Back By Teatime by Ivan Carson and Tangles With Pike by Dominic Garnett.


And finally – more ideas in retailers!

I can only begin to suggest some  Christmas gifts for anglers. The options are endless.

The links below are to some of Britain’s top fishing tackle retailers who will have stacks of suitable great value ideas, in all price brackets. Click and work out what you want – or get shopping!


And finally – 3 ‘must heed’ points for gift buyers :

  1. Find out what sort of fishing the person you are buying for actually participates in. This is vital if wishing to find fishing products, which is still a risky business.
  2. If he/she has not named a specific angling product, ask them outright, or (if wishing to surprise them) ask a fishing friend of theirs for suggestions.
  3. Still in doubt? Play safe. Consider buying a gift voucher from his/her local tackle shop. Many shops sell them, and when I worked in a fishing shop I’d often suggest this option to bewildered wives/girlfriends who came in at this time of year.

Blog timTake a chance and you risk coming unstuck on the big day…

My dad knew I used ‘fishing weights’ when I was kid, and being a total non-angler he bought me some massive 3 and 5 oz gripper leads for beachcasting. Not much use to me when learning to float fish with dust-like shot on local lakes.

One of the Angler’s Mail team was once given a quality knitted fishing jumper, out of nice wool but it was like fishing in a straight jacket with one long sleeve and one short!

But that was still better than another angler I know who,  for his winter fishing, was presented with a woolly willy warmer… a set of three of them, actually! Highlighting the gambles involved in angling gift selection, the buyer of that choice prezzie became an ex-girlfriend. I can’t think why…