Daiwa Custom Revolution and designer carp fishing tackle - like this Daiwa Basia reel - is examined by Richard Howard, Angler's Mail features editor.

CUSTOMISED carp kit – a la Daiwa style. Or should I say Daiwa Custom Revolution (as reported first in Product News in Angler’s Mail). The more I think about it, the more I can see it’s a winner.

Picture the scenario on the bank, or on-line for that matter with three or four keen young carpers comparing their pimped up custom set-ups, complete with slick new Basia ‘body kits.’

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Once you buy into the concept with the reels, you’re going to be saving for a set of custom Magnum Taper rods too.

After all you’ve already designed, and tweaked them several times online – on the bank, or between sessions, adding last minute tweaks and ‘Facebooking’ your mates for their ideas on which combination of finishes look best.

Chatting to Daiwa  consultant and Korda carp star Ali Hamidi , just setting up a customising website would have involved a lot of work, so hats off to Daiwa for taking the plunge.

Like top carper Ali said carpers love customised kit, there’s a feel good factor there. Think back to when stainless kit started appearing on the bank, and those handy little extras you could get if you knew the right people, remember those custom  “monkeys” and other indicators.

Will it spread to other areas of the sport I’m not so sure. Ali quite rightly pointed out carpers have enough time sitting behind their rods to admire it. Match anglers are probably too ‘busy’. But there’s always a few showmen out there who’d like their own custom set-up I’m sure.ROD

Of course for all the flashy set-ups out there they’ll be your toned down minimalist ultra cult set-ups.

It’s early days but the options and permutations on offer are only going to grow.

DCR is helping bring an element of fun back into something that we all know can get too serious.

Even if it doesn’t necessarily catch you more fish, you’ll enjoy the experience.

What next? Custom pods I reckon with different leg, ’stick, shaft and buzzer bar options, landing net poles, bivvy and bag covers?

Some of them are probably already out there if you know the right people.

Whether you’re a dreamer who’ll just enjoying having a play on the DCR website  and designing your own set-up knowing that you’re unlikely to be able to afford it. Or you can dig deep enough to hit ‘send’ on the order button. It should bring a smile to your face.

I agree with Ali on this one – it’s a win, win!



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