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Commercial fisheries – a good or bad thing?


ONE of the main things that bothers me in angling is the desire for anglers to rack-up ridiculous hauls of carp from commercials.

You only have to flick through the match pages of Angler’s Mail to see the 100, 200, 300 and even 400 lb catches that are being recoded in matches which is simply obscene.

Don’t get me wrong there are some intensive, commercial fisheries that have been run in a more than adequate way but this is mainly by those in the know either through experience or qualifications.

The problem, though, isn’t the fishery owner but the angler themselves as the ‘instantaneous gratification’ we see in society drags our sport down.

This mechanical, hauling of fish that are often like clones, does nothing for me and is damaging to our sport.

With anglers demanding more and more huge weights, then it makes sense that fishery owners stock more and more fish often with devastating consequences.

There should be a limit as to what would be an acceptable weight over the period of time given and once reached then that’s the end of your fishing time and you have to reel in.

Now I know this wouldn’t be practical in matches but I feel that fishery owner, match organizer and more to the point us as anglers have a moral obligation to do what is right and honorable for our sport.

There have been a number of initiatives launched to educate the fishery manager in how best to look after the welfare of their stock, when really it’s the angler that needs educating before those outside of our sport start looking into what can simply be called barbaric.

It’s simply a case of shooting fish in a barrel.



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