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There’s something special about bream, especially bigger ones like this XXL dustbin lid!


THERE’S a lot of satisfaction in targeting a certain fish, a specimen or a species.

There’s also little doubt that the vast majority of anglers nowadays set their sights on catching carp. Fair play to them if that’s their thing but I like to catch lots of different species as it keeps the interest going and also tests different fishing abilities.

For some reason a lot of those carpers detest – yes I know it is a strong word, but it is also a very apt one – bream.

Me, I love them! There’s something about a bream, especially a big one that gives me a great sense of satisfaction. Those big slimy dustbins lids have always been popular with me and I think the attraction became even more when I was lucky enough to witness some of those amazing hauls of big bream taken by Alistair Nicholson a few decades ago.

Pictures of big bream never seem to do them justice. Alistair’s bream looked big in photos – but believe me when you see a 15-pounder in real life it’s very special.


Waiting for a tweet.

So when Music Mike and I ventured out last week in bright sunshine it was with a heavy heart as we knew few species were likely to feed, despite the rise in temperature.

But when we got to the five-acre former gravel pit we fancied my heart lifted a little as there was a really good ripple on the water. This was now going to be a bream day as far as I was concerned.

Not everyone’s cup of tea

Now a very helpful carper who had done an overnighter had landed one of his chosen species, a catfish and a bream. It was the latter one that had him saying the word with a grimace.

But give this friendly guy credit as he was fully accepting of our love of the slimies and even point us to an area where they could be living.

After two hours without a beep on the indicator I was just thinking it was a nice day to be out even if we didn’t catch. But at the back on my mind I thought my big frame feeder might just be pumping out enough soaked pellets to get the fish on the scent trail and into the area. Bream can take a bit of time to get their heads down.


Back goes one of my slabs on a day when the plan came together.


It wasn’t long afterwards that the three big juicy worms on the flatbed feeder rod brought a few little tweaks and I struck home into the first fish. We weighed it as bream can be deceptive. This one was quite chunky and went a nice 6lb 4oz. A very handy start and it actually put up a fight too!

No sooner had I slipped it back than the rod with the big frame feeder decided to offer a few indications too. A nice and tasty tuna and chilli boilie had fooled the second bream, this time 5lb 8oz.

Then it all went quiet again for an hour or so before two more bream, both over 5lb although we weren’t going to weigh them unless a fish was obviously much bigger than my first. Another hour or so and another 5lb-plus specimen before a short break and yet another, obviously its twin brother!

3 on worms and 3 on boilies

Six bream, all over 5lb on a difficult day is good news as far as I am concerned – especially as they were my target.

Blog Mitch

Three on worms, three on boilies but to be honest I think they would have taken most hookbaits over that carpet of feed. In fact I think I should have catapulted out some more feed as they may have just come in as a small shoal, a couple got fooled and the rest left after scoffing everything in sight.

Music Mike stuck with his tried and tested meat along the edge in the shadows in the hope of a carp – or even a catfish – but wasn‘t so lucky, except for one screamer that dropped the hook.

Distance fishing over feed into slightly deeper water was the key in the conditions but I bet when we go back for a night session we catch much closer as the fish scavenge the margins for grub.


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