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WHOEVER said there is nothing new in fishing? Whoever said nothing ever changes in fishing? Well both these questions are inter-connected and both basically have the same answer.

Fishing is forever changing and new things and ideas are always being considered and brought to fruition. In the main it is mainly for the good of the hobby but there also may be the odd time when maybe this is not so.

My work with the Mail’s unbeatable weekly Where To Fish section brings more calls than anything else I do. I am sure it is the same for all the regional correspondents.

I have chalked up something like 27  years with the Angler’s Mail and the changes and new ideas I have seen have been nothing short of phenomenal – there is hardly an aspect in fishing that hasn’t been improved on and that will go on ad infinitum, I am sure of that.

I am totally uncertain what I am about to tell you all means – you will have to draw your own conclusions! In my early days with the AM my telephone was virtually melting with the number of phone calls I was receiving.

More often than not the caller wanted to know who won the National Championships, the World Championships or things like ‘was it true that so and so has just broke the British record for the size of a roach’, or whatever species.

I kid you not, when I think back the number of calls on these topics was unbelievable; anglers just wanted to know before the issue came out – that was only conclusion I could come up with!

Anyway, move the years on and I still get loads of phone calls and I don’t mind one little bit, – if I can help anyone I will do; after all I have had enough help from others. Now then, the big difference today is the theme of all these calls. Virtually every call is now fishery related even if it is a simple thing like a phone number is needed or what town is a particular venue near to – they virtually all come from the Where to Fish this Weekend pages.

To get a call that is match related is about as rare as hens teeth now!

I would go as far to say that 95% of my incoming calls are queries on venues yet years ago is was certainly the same ratio but about ‘who won what’ or ‘how have England got on’ and such things.

This is a huge change that I have noticed; maybe it will reverse again, I don’t know. I also don’t know what it all means? Perhaps someone out there can answer my question?!?!



RIVERS  – at last, all our options are restored with coarse fishing allowed on rivers in England and Wales. There’s some terrific advice in the latest Angler’s Mail magazine. But do not jump the gun just yet! River fishing strictly starts on June 16, this Sunday, and not before. Last year two big names, star angler Bob James and journalist Steve Martin (no he’s not an AM man) were caught doing what they shouldn’t a couple of days early.



SIZE OF POLLUTION FINES – Mark Lloyd of the Angling Trust talks a lot of sense in the news story in Angler’s Mail. If firms in the States can pollute rivers and kill fish – then face the consequences via a £2.18million fine…how about the same other here? Or is it that our Government does not take a clean environment as seriously as it makes out?



If you are regular reader of Angler’s Mail magazine you will have seen how Bait Factory have used the magazine to launch itself into the crowded bait market. Their products are that bit different, and not only that but their style of video promo is different. This classy production must have taken ages, and is a good watch if only for the scenics and the story that unfolds in trying to catch a big carp from a big water for the camera, quickly.






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