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CARP are pouring into our rivers with Dorset’s River Frome getting quite an injection of whackers (check out this week’s Angler’s Mail issue for more).

I had some good carp out of the Lea when I fished for them, but never quite got a magic river 30. 29-15 or 29-13…I can’t quite remember the ounces on this one!

I have had a number of season where I solely targeted river carp and boy it was some of the best fishing I have ever experienced.

Escapees are inevitable and my local Lea Flood Relief system hosted different characters on a more or less weekly basis!

I always had the ambition to catch a river 30 and having dropped ounces shy I still feel I have some unfinished business.

Now the downside is the impact they can have on other species within in a riverine environment.

It’s not an exact science and many will suggest that nature will always find a balance.

The bottom line is carp aren’t native to our shores, though they shouldn’t be persecuted for this.

The impact they will have initially will undoubtedly have an effect on other inhabitants but notions that the Environment Agency would be electrofishing the stretch are simply ‘pie in the sky’…

A)   It’s a vast stretch of water

B) How would they differentiate between ‘new’ carp and those that may have been present for some?

C) It’s tidal electrofishing and  in such circumstances is very, very difficult – been there and failed!


All in all anglers should get there and fill their boots as river carp seem to become clued up quickly.


I had fun fishing during my week off – but it wasn’t me (or the little ‘un on the far right) striking the bites!

Great fun fishing with kids during National Fishing Month

It’s just come to a close. Read about how National Fishing Month 2012 went on in the latest issue of our magazine. We ran a photo comp with Daiwa during NFM, and results of that will be seen in the next issue.

AWAY from carp and back to basics.

I had one of the most enjoyable days fishing for as long as I can remember and appropriately it fell in line with National Fishing Month.

I took my girlfriend’s (Kymm) children Tyler,8, and Leia,5, for a proper day of ‘deckchair’ angling at Whetstone Gorse Fishery, Leicestershire.

There was no procession or perfection just a simple case of chucking out a float and seeing what will bite.

After three sun-kissed hours we had the princely haul of 25 perch, roach and rudd, which were duly noted in Leia’s notebook as the fish ‘we’ caught.

Sadly we didn’t latch into any of the quality crucian carp or tench that I used to catch as a child but it gave Tyler good groundings and showed that basics are key to have a fun day out.

He has already been on my case to go again.


Fish don’t have to be big to be fun! This little perch was one of the fish Tyler caught.



Rivers to the forefront in the past week on the newsdesk

River news and great baits are amongst the exciting contents of the new issue of the £1.80 Angler’s Mail magazine. Be sure to get your copy!

THERE have been some awesome catches in this week’s issue but more importantly many have been from rivers.

It’s difficult to pick a favourite but Jamie Denison’s bag of quality roach and rudd from a Thames tributary really caught my eye.

This alongside Matthew Davies’ superb 3 lb 1 oz River Thames roach plus Dilip Sarkar’s impressive 17 lb River Severn zanders the future looks bright for some rivers.

I say some, as there have been shocking scenes on Cheshire’s River Weaver where tens of thousands of fish have perished.

It does sound like this tragedy could have been avoided not totally but surely there are question marks over how the Environment Agency reacted?


Waiting with baited breath

BAIT is a very personal thing with some anglers showing loyalty to specific brands and others being swept away by the latest launches.

We have three new bait developments in our Product News pages all of which are sure to score. I am very curious of Marukyu’s Sanagi. It’s already done very well on the match fishing scene and I’m lead to believe the specialist and carp fishing versions will be hitting our shores in mid-2013.





Deckchair fishing: After a few ours of fun fishing you really start to wonder why spend so many hours sat behind static carp rods.

Martin Locke: has a track record both home and abroad is something most of us dream of.

Rivers: what a week for river catches.



Fish kills: disgusting scenes on Cheshire’s River Weaver. Those who didn’t react quickly enough should be answerable.

Internet trolls: do people have nothing better than to wind people up or make sick remarks to the bereaved. Such folk need to get out more.




Here are the very latest  promo videos to come to our attention.  We also have lots more videos in our new TV player (top right on this page).

Wychwood’s Nic Brown explains their versatile bucket system







Short clip from a Nash taster day during the school holidays







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