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PERHAPS our most popular river species, barbel capture the imagination like few other fish. Once seen as purely a summer species, they are now targeted all year round, with some of the biggest fish falling right at the back end of the season when they have fattened up over the winter months.

But it isn’t all about chasing the biggest specimens, and if you wanted to equate a carp ‘runs water’ to a barbel venue, the mighty River Severn would be close to the top of the list.

There’s a barbel pictured on the front cover – and you can read what barbel gear is selling well in the tackle section of this week’s Angler’s Mail. The mag comes with FREE LINE, 4 lb or 8 lb, that can also be handy for barbel fishing!

Mal Storey has seen just about every development in barbel fishing on the River Severn, and his Kidderminster tackle shop is a must visit for anyone planning a trip to the Severn, Wye or their many tributaries.

Back in the day, Mal Storey’s was one of the first tackle shops to offer purpose built carbon feeder rods, that were up to the rigour of fishing big powerful rivers with big heavy feeders, and I well remember making the pilgrimage to Kidderminster to buy a rod capable of doing the business on my local River Trent.

Mal was doing a discount if you bought a pair of the rods – but in view of the fact that I’d driven over specially, he generously let me have it on just the one. Top fella.

Barbel fishing may have changed over the years, but one thing that has stayed the same has been Storey’s position on the cutting edge of it.

They know what works and they make sure that they stock it.

The days of 1 lb test curve rods and 8 lb line for barbel are thankfully consigned to the past. There is simply no excuse for targeting these hard fighters with inadequate tackle. It does the fish, and yourself no favours at all.

There are times in all walks of life where you need specialist advice and a specialist service. As the title says, get the full Storey.



Daiwa Dorking: the unstoppable force that is yet to meet the immovable object. They fish – they win – simple (Angling Trust Winter League Final, p.75 of this week’s AM mag). Unlike Manchester United there seems no prospect of Steve Sanders’ boys suffering from noisy neighbours – and it’s all done without waving a fat cheque book. Amazing.

Something different: the rise and rise of commercial fisheries has undoubtably been good for angling, but a huge surprise came in the Angling Trust vote on potential National Championship venues. Canals and rivers won the day over commercials, in spite of the perceived more consistent sport at the latter. An unexpected result, bu quite a refreshing one in some ways.

Reaper banned: with a bit of luck our grim reaper KHV logo will be consigned to the bin, thanks to fewer reports than normal of the killer disease. Fingers crossed on that one.




Charity fund raiser Allan Stone: easily broke the £400,000 barrier in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support, hitting the £410,000 mark thanks to almost £16,000 worth of sponsorship at their Yateley fish in. So what’s not to like? Well, it looks like the last hurrah at Yateley as CEMEX are struggling to sell the complex – and we certainly don’t like that! Visit .



Here are the very latest  promo videos to come to our attention.  We also have lots more videos in our new TV player (top right on this page).

New Chod Safety System for carp fishing by Korda, explained by Adam Penning





Club Korum’s Nigel Botherway demonstrates their float fishing starter pack (good kit!)






A quick tour of the new Nash website – the carp fishing firm went live with it a few days ago







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