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Richard Howard

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WHOLE frozen Krill is on its way to tackle shop freezers as we speak (see this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine news pages). And it  is going to help empty waters countrywide – take it from me.

Now available from Bait Box – you might have used their pike baits last winter –  these small crustaceans and prawn look a likes – available up to 2 cm in length are set to clean up – whether you’re match fishing or triggering a feeding response from something bigger.

Get the lowdown on new krill and lots more interesting products, plus book launches, in this week’s Angler’s Mail mag. It comes with a FREE TACKLE BOX!

The biggest problem I can see will be trying to be selective. Use them on a big fish water with few nuisance species and you will catch big fish –  a bit like specie carpers using maggots for 30-plussers. There’s a time and a place to use them. If your water’s a fish packed commercial expect everything to jump on them – big or small.

Hands up I’ve not used the actual blast frozen Krill yet, but you’ve only got to look at the effectiveness of Krill as an additive in powder and liquid formats over the last couple of years to realise that if there’s fish in you’re swim, my experience is they’re very quick to jump on Krill laced baits.

Giving off a strong shellfish aroma, and coming with the bonus of having a high nutritional profile whether you’re packing them into a feeder and hook mounting them for big winter chub, using them as an additive or hookbait for barbel, even cupping chopped Krill in, and fishing them whole or in pieces on the hook on a commercial – here is a bait I’d have 100 percent confidence in – pretty much all-year-round for bites.

After seeing how effective the leak off of additives in tank tests is, of ‘truffle or bon bon’ type baits –  a bait dipped and rolled in liquid and powder additives – at shows like the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition in Paris this year and Amsterdam last year – I’m totally sold on this concept to bring quick bites.

On the back of that I’ve fished several sessions over the last few months with meat based baits glugged in Marukyu’s Krill and then dipped in Krill powder but the problem was they’ve brought too much attention – from 8 oz carp up to over 20 lb. And I was after one particular whacker.

I’ve also ‘baiting spooned’ neat Krill into margin spots to bring fish in, and enjoyed very quick action – sometimes from the wrong species though!

The texture of these baits has also got to be a winner, I’m convinced texture plays apart in how attractive fish can find certain baits, and there has to be days when fish would rather have a mouthful of juicy, whole Krill than a pellet or boilie. But there will always be anglers that take the easy, less messy option who may just lose out.

As I said, the problem with them is going to be that so many species are going be on the sniff for them that the indicators aren’t going to stop moving. A banker, you bet – as much as Usain Bolt was at winning the Olympic Games 100 metres.….


AM Medal Winner

WE’VE got to give an Angler’s Mail GB Medal to our pike columnist Steve Rowley this week for getting out and amongst them with his kayak. He sent a cracking photo of  a summer 4 lb perch taken on a lure worked from a kayak.

A gravel pit fish in perfect colours and in perfect nick, and one of several he’s had recently, there’s a lot more untapped water and unmolested fish out there for anglers that are willing to go afloat.

Fish are caught completely off guard when you creep up on them with a kayak and that’s part of the reason for their success.

If I get rid of the dinghy this year, the money will go towards one of these kayaks.

Living 20 miles from the Sussex Coast I bumped into a kayaker last week – on my way in with a mask and snorkel to recee some bass spots, whilst he was loading his kayak.

He told me he had about 80 bass last year on lures, a lot of them were from the same shoal which he kept in touch with over a couple of months.

If I had the storage I’d have one, but with five surfboards and a 10 ft  dinghy – that’s not really sea worthy – I need to sell something first.

It’s a very popular growing part of the sport Kayak fishing and there’s new models launched specially for anglers, coming out every year.

Check out this latest all singing all dancing 12-footer from Hobie that I inspected out in June.

Clever Kavanagh Carp Rig

WHILST I really don’t like complicated rigs, and find the package of rings and swivels on some carpers end tackles a complete turn off  Micky Kavanagh’s Multi-Rig in this week’s Carp World in our magazine is pretty clever. It’s well worth checking out, with stunning photos as always from top lensman, Roy Westwood.

Allowing you to switch from pop-ups to bottom baits without any snipping or retying, and even allowing you to swap a blunt hook to a needle sharp one in seconds without retying any new knots or trimming, as our Colin Davidson says ‘it’s laughably simple!’

Mechanically it works  and because the body of the trace is robust, the same link can stay in place for fish after fish even session after session with the hook and bait replaced when needed. How’s that for convenience? I imagine you can apply a similar idea to predator traces from catfish to pike especially with some of the knotable wires…



Free Tackle Box: there’s a free tackle box on the cover of this weeks mag. That’s a proper gift. Just the job for popping in your pocket loaded with swivels, beads and hooks for a spot of roving.

Charity fund raiser Allan Stone: he’s on the verge of breaking the £400,000 barrier in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support. What a star. Visit www.stoneyandfriends.co.uk You can read all about him in The Inside Line in our current magazine.

Dave Palmer’s 20 lb 2 oz zed: that’s a big zander from the mighty River Severn in the news pages. I don’t care if it was caught by accident fishing for eels. Well done Dave. What would that go in March when it’s full?



Stroppy bailiffs: I’m joining AM columnist Dave Coster (see My Say in the mag) on this one. I got chucked off a fishery a few years back after a one way slanging match in the dark over what was clearly a misunderstanding. I thought I could stay on into dark and couldn’t. But was I allowed to put my point across? No chance!

OTT bait recipes: recently I watched an angling DVD, and what got my goat was when the said carper started running through his spod mix sitting amongst a whole pile of pellets, groundbait, particles, tuna and the like. Come on lads, the majority of us can’t afford to put that much in. We want cheaper options.  



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Hard-hitting interview with Roger Surgay, man behind Used Tackle, Dragon Carp and more




Latest video from Nash




Latest video from Wychwood






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