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Every Wednesday will see a new blog by Angler’s Mail magazine’s HQ, focussing on happenings in the wonderful world of fishing, including latest tackle and events.

Angler’s Mail editor Tim Knight

The first Angler’s Mail HQ blog is by Tim Knight, the editor, who has worked on the magazine, its various side-projects and increasing online activities since 1991.

As weeks go by various staff will contribute to what is sure to be another must-read blog for all anglers – whether you are into pleasure fishing, carp fishing, match fishing, specialist fishing or anything else.

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Angler’s Mail magazine now have a new blog here every Wednesday, with contributions by different staff members.

Aiming for the right balance every week

WE try very hard to create a fully balanced magazine at Angler’s Mail HQ. So when we get accused of bias, it sometimes make my tip fly round.

This week’s well balanced issue of Angler’s Mail.

Get this…. On Tuesday, our new issue hit the shelves. Instant praise from some of the most aware fishing magazine consumers. Then a phone goes on the newsdesk.

‘Too much carp. It’s all carp, carp, carp, carp…” he carped on. It’s only 10am. He’s surely sober, just like an angling big-hitter I regularly phoned at that time for a sensible chat.

Fair enough, we welcome all opinions and constructive criticism (after all, we dish plenty of both ourselves). But the guy was way off beam…

  • This week’s AM cover catch is a giant crucian (not Cyprinus carpio), held by all-rounder Dean Macey.
  • Star catches include the full stories on a 144 lb UK catfish and this country’s biggest ever grass carp (actually a relative of the chub more than Cyprinus carpio).
  • London match fishing legend Dave Vincent catches species other than carp by the Olympic Park.
  • John Bailey delivers important summer pike tips.
  • Gary Newman seeks Trent barbel.
  • Action Replay covers an awesome perch session, with perch tips.
  • We look at a campaign to protect silver fish stocks.

Sure there’s the new ACE Carp Cup champion, and exclusives on the Korda Carp Team England and British Carp Championships. But come on pal (if you’re reading)… giz a break mate!



Our First Trial of the eye-catching new Optonic G3 is one of many exclusives inside the magazine this week.

BITE ALARMS. Those are two words to make your ears prick up with interest, or provoke a grimace and a “grrrrrr….”

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, bite alarms have helped shape angling forever. And the first major game changer was the Optonic, sold by the warehouseload by Sundridge.

I remember selling them Saturday after Saturday back in the carp-boom years of the Thatcher “loadsamoney” 80s and upwardly mobile John Major years.

I helped out in a tackle shop then, and the buzz-word was Optonic. Or Delkim conversions, if you wanted a bit more oomph, and were part of the in-crowd rather than the emerging carping generation. The shop I worked for was a key Sundridge account – the firm was a major independent player then.

Fast forward to 2012. We’ve seen super sexy alarm designs in the past couple of years, Nash Sirens and Wychwood Epics have impressed me for their looks and design features, developed by serious development work by some great minds. Then there are latest “Delks” and Gardner ATTx, not forgetting the ever-popular Fox ranges.

But be honest, you still hear older blokes on the bank refer to alarms as “Optonics”.

The rebirth of these alarms, via Daiwa’s low-key Sundridge arm, is quite a story, worthy of a spread in our latest magazine. Plus our man Brian Gay made an exclusive video on the Optonic Smart G3 that he’s tested for us (below). Looking so different, they also provide a visual treat.

Love the look of them? Hate the look of them? Prefer something else on your sticks and pods? Let me know by commenting at the bottom of this page.



On the plus side, we award gold medals to the transport networks as our trains into Mail HQ during London 2012 have been running amazingly well. Just goes to show what can be done!

AND so to the Olympics. Or “The O’s” as our current magazine’s cover star Dean Macey calls them.

As I write, the biggest controversy for me – barring hopeless US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney doubting London’s ability to run such a showpiece – has been in badminton.

Players deliberately trying to LOSE to avoid playing quality players. What a load of shuttlecocks!

I sit on the bench when it comes to angling ever becoming an Olympics sport, but if competitors not competing embraces the hallowed “Olympic ideal” then I am glad we are not part of it.

Can you imagine going fishing and not trying to catch anything? Blanking is one thing, but seeking to blank… how ludicrous!



Angling Trust: if you want cormorant controls you’ll want to back their campaign. See latest Angler’s Mail magazine for details and a coupon to register your support. Read their blog here at www.anglersmail.co.uk on Saturday.

Marukyu – for going GREEN, literally, with great success, as we report in the mag’s Product News. You can win their bait this week on our lively Facebook page – and also via a comp in our next magazine.

National Fishing Month: great work by guys and gals everywhere, including Club Korum, who are making a difference right now, giving all kinds of people a taste of the sport. Find out more: www.nationalfishingweek.com

The bloke who cleaned my windows: after five years encamped in what was once a sparkling new office, and my (useful) clutter accumulation brought a boss’s mutterance of “tramp”, I now look out clearly on busy Team AM and the corridors of IPC Media. Top work!




Death: RIP Malcolm Grice, the popular bearded carp angler from the Wychwood stable, seen many a time in our mag. And to a couple of other contacts of ours who passed on. Plus fish we’ve heard of that have died in several venues over the past week.

The weather: basking in the London 2012 feelgood factor, there’s not been much to moan about here these past seven days. But just when we all thought summer was here, the clouds came back and the heavens opened. Don’t quote me on it, I’m Timdafish not Michael Fish, but I forecast an Indian summer.



I’ll pass the X-Factor Simon Cowell judging duties over to YOU now.

Below are three quality promo videos emailed into my inbox already this week (I receive ever-increasing amounts!) All are worthy of a click to view. We also have lots more videos in our new TV player (top right on this page).

Let me know with a comment at the bottom of the page which one out of the three videos here is your favourite and why!

Click below for the latest video from Nash

Click below for the latest video from Fox

Click below for the latest video from Wychwood




Here’s the list of all the new blogs and when they go live:

MONDAY: Carp crews on rotation – Korda, Fox, Nash and ACE.

TUESDAY: Steve Collett, Mail contributor and ultimate all-rounder.

WEDNESDAY: Angler’s Mail HQ – yes, us!

THURSDAY: Specialists from Pike Anglers Club, Korum and Pallatrax, on rotation

FRIDAY: Carl & Alex, Angler’s Mail juniors and video diary makers.

SATURDAY: The Angling Trust – guys at the governing body.

SUNDAY: Colin Mitchell, veteran coarse angler and top journalist

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