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Are the carp records going to be smashed soon?

JUST when will the World and British carp records be beaten?

That is the question many people are asking, especially after the World common carp record has been caught twice in the past two weeks.

First Colin Smith became the first man to catch a 100 lb common carp when he took the big one at top French venue Etang La Saussaie at 100 lb 8 oz – pictured left.

Then the same fish – which normally only gets caught once a year – came out again slightly down in weight at 99 lb 12 oz to John Thorpe – the full story is in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine.

It falls just below the World record taken by a mirror of 101 lb 4 oz from Hungary’s Aqua Lake caught last June by Austrian angler Roman Hanke.

But many believe the Etang La Saussaie common could go over that barrier with plenty to spare over the coming years as she is very long and without a huge gut like many mirrors.

The owner Phil Gregory told me the fish is putting on 6 lb a year on average so if she continues that trend could be 110 lb in two years time.

And former captor and whacker hunter Bill Cottam of Nutrabaits thinks that particular fish is heaviest in the autumn so I predict Etang La Saussaie WILL get the overall World Record crown sooner rather than later and could set the future benchmark sky high.

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But when will the British record carp be smashed? The late Two Tone from Kent’s Conningbrook has held the record since 2008 when Austin Holness caught the big ‘un for the last time at 67 lb 8 oz.

Despite the UK literally being stuffed with 30s and 40s, true big fish that could take the British crown are pretty thin on the ground.

Water temperature obviously makes a big difference between us and our European cousins, but there’s not dozens of fish vying to take the title.

There are a couple of scraper 60s about but will one of them be able to go past the magic record barrier.

Obviously at some point, the British carp record will go but we will still lag behind the rest of Europe.

Probably the biggest factor is angling pressure and British venues tend to get an awful lot and the stress of even fished for, let alone caught, doesn’t let the fish achieve their potential peak weights.

Kevin Nash’s own two private lakes in Essex are tipped to possibly break the British best as he keeps angling pressure down, stocks low and natural and man-made food alike high.

But I can’t see a time in Britain where there will be lots of 70s and 80s like we do in many other countries, and a genuine true English 100-pounder a total pipe-dream.



A big thumbs up to Dave Harrell who has launched a huge match series on flowing water venues for this summer called Riverfest. The days of commercial bagging aren’t going to end but we need to get more anglers – pleasure and match alike – back on natural venues.



Two news stories in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine are of great concern as the trend for killing coarse fish to eat seems to be escalating. We show the huge haul of illegal nets seized in the Thames region alone by Environment Agency bailiffs. And even more worryingly, we report of a home-made explosive device being found at Leicester’s River Wreake. Worrying times.



As usual, brought to you via the wonderful free fishing library that is Angler’s Mail TV. This video was filmed at the World Carp Classic last year – they obviously weren’t catching many fish at the time!




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