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All hail women making their mark in fishing

THE news of the Dutch pair of Lizette Beunders and Bianca Venema winning this year’s World Carp Classic should be a role model to women.

The new World Carp Classic champions.

The new World Carp Classic champions.

As we report fully this week in Angler’s Mail magazine, the duo smashed the field with a stunning top weight of 366.5 kilos, leaving runners-up, UK carp angling legends Rob Tough and Lee Jackson, some 170 kilos in their wake.

They were the first all female team to have entered the event and having won it the pair should be put up on a pedestal.

The fact that they won £10,015 plus a cracking holiday is irrelevant really as I’m sure they were more than happy with simply being crowned champions.

Have no doubt about it, these endurance-style fishing matches are not the light-hearted with days on end on the bank being alert 24/7 not to mention rowing out baits etc….it’s tough work!!

The pair worked endlessly chopping and changing distances, tactics and baits refining things until they were happy with their tactics.

A few years ago the very thought of an all-female team competing let alone winning such an event would have been scoffed at – and this just goes to illustrate how far women’s fishing has come.

Well done ladies!!


What damage have otters really done?

THIS week we get a full fascinating insight into  how John Bailey faired in his Barbel Challenge.

I won’t ruin the outcome but the challenge has reopened the whole otter predation discussion that has been rumbling on for the past few years.

I am in no doubt that some rivers have been extremely badly hit, as catch reports to the Mail newsdesk would show.

There used to be a glut of big barbel from the Stour, Hampshire Avon and the Norfolk’s River Wensum, though such reports these days are noticeable by their absence.

If this is solely down to otters I’m not sure as there are many other factors ranging from pollution to poor recruitment – but one thing for the certain is that something has to be done before our rivers are totally devoid of fish.




Boilies – there are loads of top tips from our team of experts in this week’s issue. If you think they are boring baits, think again! And they’re not just for carp either.







Pollution – just as it was starting to return to its former state the River Crane has been struck with another dreadful pollution event.






You may have missed the AM news feature with river-hopping Ade Kiddell, but here’s a peek at his adventures. Check out the size of that river!!!





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