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WHAT do you want from your fishing? Do you set-out to fish the most effective method and hopefully bag a few, or is the style of fishing sometimes more of a priority?

The girlfriend and I decided to fish for the evening, the other weekend, we’d been busy and both needed to get out and get some fresh air.

I grabbed a few bits, 1.75 lb rods, ‘mini freespools’, some Korum Dura-Method Feeders, (see this weeks Mail Action Replay) Sonubaits groundbait, Enterprise Classic flavour plastic corn and quickly tied a few rigs.

Susannah with one of half a dozen carp to low double-figures.

We headed to a local day ticket water, and went to the end of the lake a south westerly wind was blowing into, always a good bet. We then settled on two swims that allowed us to cover a bit of water if we needed to, fishing one rod each.

As I scanned the water, a carp rolled close-in, no need to cast too far out then. I’d pretied size 12 hooks with short hairs to 4 in. of 15 lb braid. But I could have just as easily grabbed off-the-shelf Korum or Drennan Method rigs.

I then scanned the Method Feeder (complete with its camou Quick–Change bead, and sprung loaded Mould) instructions on the packaging, just to refresh my memory.

I followed the recommended mixing instructions on the groundbait bag, it turned out light and airy but compressed well, so far so good. I looped my hook link onto the quick-change bead, and threaded a piece of very well used pop-up Tutti Frutti flavoured plastic corn on. We were ready to go.

The rods went out and within 20 minutes we’re away. Over the next three hours we fished badly, but had six carp to low-doubles including two on at once, whilst an angler fishing on the end of the wind, close-by, and concentrating hard on the float, struggled for one carp and some bits.

As I said earlier we fished badly, my girlfriend was honing her casting skills, so the method ball was sometimes launched skywards, and sometimes dropping short, that’s learning.

We missed the odd pick-up and also had the odd ‘rattle’ and dropped bait too, whilst attending to fish in the net. Plus at least one fish came adrift whilst being played in, our fault. We should have had close on double the amount we landed.

We even ran out of prepared feed just an hour before dark, ‘the witching hour’ when you would expect to have two or three more fish. And the stodgy mix I rushed up, without resting it to absorb the water, didn’t impress the carp. Bad angling on my part, but we had to be off by darkness.

My point is despite fishing badly, wherever the Method feeder landed it was a ready-to go-fish trap, waiting to be sprung with a ‘tutti corn’ cherry-on-the-cake.

We followed simple instructions, on the feeder/groundbait packaging, that anyone could follow, caught fish and enjoyed it. It seemed that easy, admittedly the water isn’t hard, but we could have easily struggled, if we’d opted for the float too.

I remember a very similar scenario on another session, several anglers sticking it out on the float and struggling…whilst The Method produced fish after fish.

On a lot of commercial fisheries, for the next few months, I’d say that the Method feeder is as close to a banker method as you can get for some bites, for everyone from the beginner to the experienced. You haven’t got to worry about beating the wind or the undertow, or shotting patterns, just stopping your rod being pulled in!

Why struggle on the float, when there is such a productive, simple to set-up and fish alternative? I don’t like seeing people missing out on good sport!




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GILL NETS FOUND. Containing 29 bream from 4-8 lb that were preparing to spawn on the Kelsey Drain, near Boston, Lincolnshire. Jim Tyree makes a valid point that lifting the Close Season will make it harder for poachers to operate.



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