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THIS week’s Angler’s Mail magazine salutes a carp angler who switched species to win £3,000 in our prestigious Specimen Cup, sponsored by Pallatrax. The fact he diverted from his main species is in itself a triumph, I reckon.

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All-rounder Steve Collett holds a carp on the cover of this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine – but he fishes for practically everything that swims in Britain!

Moving on from last week’s excellent multi-species blog by Mail man Richard Holroyd, I’d say that today’s UK coarse angling scene  has become excessively polarised, with self-proclaimed or media-appointed specialists in this or that.

Being an angler is no longer enough for too many people. And the true badge of brilliance – an “all-rounder” like Mail contributors Steve Collett and Gary Newman for instance – is far less appealing than it once was.

Having your own favourite species, to me, is fine – most of have one or two favourites. But to dislike many other species – and in Britain we do have a fine selection of freshwater and saltwater fish – is myopic to the point of bloody-mindedness.

I am not targeting carp anglers here, but people so heavily obsessed with one species that they miss out on the wider fun to be had, and even sneer at other species.

Living legends of carp fishing like Terry Hearn, Jim Shelley, Pete Springate and many more are known to have the odd session for other things. Guys I know at some of the best carp firms, like Alan Blair at Nash and Lewis Porter at Fox, plus some of the Korda and Korum boys, really enjoy a dabble for perch at this time of year.

I would admit that perch have become my favourite species through the cooler months, but I’ll have a go for anything with equal enthusiasm – and incompetence!

Perch are great to target in winter, but I'll still happily fish for whatever swims.

Perch are great to target in winter, but I’ll still happily fish for whatever swims.

I asked Angler’s Mail columnist John Bailey, who has fished for more species than most British anglers, what his favourite fish is.

John gets asked the question a lot, especially since being involved with youngsters via the Mr Crabtree project . And it’s a question that clearly makes him think.

"Ere John, what's your favourite species?"

“Ere John, what’s your favourite species?”

‘I’ve got to be honest and say not all fish are equal!’ John told me. ‘After all, much as I love gudgeon, I wouldn’t put them in the same bracket as an Indian golden mahseer. ‘However, I would say my top favourites would have to be tench, roach, perch, pike, barbel and chub…in no particular order. However, I love rudd, I adore crucians and nothing turns me on like a really pretty carp! I’m not sure about bream and eels but then they don’t speak too highly of me!

‘I ought to add, I adore grayling and dace and there’s little in the UK to beat a big, wild brown trout.’

Hmm, there you have it! So what is JB’s favourite fish? Can he put it succinctly? You’ll find out in the next issue of Angler’s Mail magazine.


What’s YOUR favourite species and why? Drop me an email to: tim_knight@ipcmedia.com




Our latest  Specimen Cup champion – full story on Michael Kennedy’s big win is in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine, as he gets set to net the big Pallatrax cheque. We’ll have more to come on Michael and indeed the Specimen Cup – keep reading AM mag!



Polluters – farmers who allowed silage to spew into a stream and affected a popular fishing pool finally got their comeuppance in court, as reported in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine. Working in the countryside, you would think people would be more aware of risks to nature. Too often, this sadly seems to not be the case. Well done to the Environment Agency for taking this case all the way.




After all I’ve said above here’s a video trailer  for new launch, Carp Nation. Videos with star guests will be hosted on Vimeo and will be 100 per cent carp.

I was alerted to the project by producer Nic Brown, who admits in his opening lines: ‘If you’re not into your carp maybe this isn’t for you…’

Of course if you ARE into carp, then you’ll want to know about it! So we bring you this trailer video…







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