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WHAT a week in this week’s AM magazine – simply bristling with top-notch stories and pukka pictures.

Talk is turning to big pike. Read the latest issue of Angler’s Mail for the full SP.

Pike are in focus as we enter the predator fishing season with gusto.

Will the British record fall in the coming months? That’ a question on many anglers’ minds.

Well, with the amount of protein-packed trout these big crocs are feeding on it’s surely just a matter of time before it happens.

But this also opens up the debate as to what are the more meritous catches. Is a 30 lb pike from a natural venue that haven’t been fattened up on trout a more impressive feather to have in your cap?

Such debate can be applied to pretty much all aspects of our sport. The size of the venue that you fish is very much a personal thing. Some like windswept, open pits others are more inclined to target small intimate waters.

Consider  a venue we have in this week’s issue. Kent’s Strawberry Fields at 1.5 acres is certainly not a big venue and with a considerable stocking density you should never be too far away from the fish. Big fish too – giant carp.

Mail reporter Ben Weir with a big carp from a small water.

Put this in comparison to the massive Wraysbury pits with their low stock and testing terrain. The anglers who caught giants like Mary and Mary’s Mate, angling legends like Pete Springate and Terry Hearn, certainly put the hours and effort in.

Gauging which is the harder to fish is very much a personal opinion with some anglers suggesting the watercraft of locating the fish in larger waters is “the thing” – a real mark of proper success.

Other anglers say edgy fish that don’t have anywhere to hide become clued-up, and that this creates the need to hone bait presentation and rig mechanics in order to catch.

I have fished both kind of venues and have been successful and unsuccessful in equal measures suggesting it’s the guys and gals that are able to catch from both types of venue regularly are the true top anglers.



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Catches that inspire – every week!

WE are inundated with River Ebro catfish at this time of year as Brits head out for some sun and slime.

The reality of it is, very few make the pages of Angler’s Mail. Only the more exceptional catches either by weight or with added human interest ever make it to print.

This week we have such a yarn where an angler has defied the odds that are stacked against him and still been able to get out there fish and catch some whoppers. An inspiring story! If you’re feeling a bit poorly or have an injury, it will make you want to go and fish.

With all the other debates within our sport I am a firm believe that angling is there to be enjoyed. Some do it for numbers and personal bests others for the fresh air and break from the humdrum of modern life. Either way, you get out of it what you want…




River roach: There are more 2 lb plus roach being reported from running water across the country than for many seasons. The future looks good.


Autumn: The temperatures are certainly dropping but that doesn’t get us running for hats and gloves… no way, it makes us think the fish will be having it!




Fuel rises: Anglers and fisheries are getting hit hard by the ever increasing prices at the petrol pump. This coupled by an increase in the cost of living and often frozen wages means we have less to spend on our sport.




It’s been a busy week with loads of videos added to our TV player, and lots more to come. Here are three to enjoy now. First a new product range created by Terry Hearn, then some instruction with Mail contributor Bill Rushmer, and finally something from our offbeat selection courtesy of Korda…