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TALK of shooting Keith the seal  has shocked and saddened me. This has to be the biggest of own goals in angling for many, many years.

I can thoroughly understand the frustration of the local anglers and it must mirror that of many who have seen stock massacred by otters. But, alas, neither of these are battles that we can win nor should we enter into.

‘Keith’ (actually a female, not male seal) currently has its own Facebook page with nearly 3,500 ‘fans’ – this is on a par with the Angling Trust the body that represents anglers the length and breadth of the country.

He, sorry she, also has a presence on Twitter. And now I am lead to believe Keith also has people wearing T-shirts about her plight.

This makes anglers and angling look in a very low light indeed and I, for one, do not want to be associated with these calls.

Check out the full story, and great pictures of Keith the seal, in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine.


Staying with the Severn seal theme, a video of one eating a huge common carp, recorded two years ago by a Mail reader, has now clocked up nearly half a million views! It too was spotted on the Severn, but further down near Tewkesbury. Click below to watch the video via the wonders of AMTV.




NEWS that Farnham Angling Society have taken control of some of the historic Yateley, Hampshire, complex has been met with a mixed response.

Many of those that have called into question the future of the complex have to realise they are still able to fish at the venue and on a cheap club ticket to boot.

The other alternatives for the complex i.e landfill, car park or residential housing are a damn sight worse than the fact that some anglers will have to share the venue with others.

Read all about Farnham ensuring Yateley will be a “venue for all” by picking up our latest issue.


JUST a stone’s throw from where I live the British chub record looks certain to be bettered which is excellent news for the Lea.

The giant in this week’s AM mag – the season’s biggest – is further proof of its class.

However, the big problem is what the does the future hold for the river with very little in the way of back up fish other than the biggies.

Though the fish are without doubt benefiting from the crayfish the river seriously needs some surgery as once this old guard of fish perish there will be nothing to replace them.






Nicking the missus’s dinner for bait – thats just what one Mail fan did and caught a whopper. Read about it in our news section.





Cold weather!! Snow lost its novelty factor within seconds of falling.






Just in from Mick Brown’s sponsors – Dynamite Baits, Shimano and Rapala – we have this timely winter deadbaiting video with the pike ace. It’s a great watch, full of tips from the popular pike expert. Watch it now…





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