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Thomas has caught countless carp but loves other species too and hopes son Bryn follows suit.

THERE’S no doubting carp are the No.1 species in this country for anglers and the angling trade alike.

But I do wonder how healthy this obsession with carp is getting for the long term future of the sport?

Many of the modern generation of carpers have nothing to fall back on when they have had their fill of catching (or blanking) for 20s and 30s.

Instant carpers have never fished a dawn morning for tench, trotted a float down the river or caught some tasty sea fish for the pot.

Carp fishing is being treated so seriously by so many there just doesn’t seem to be any fun in it.

And as carp waters get tougher and more carpers come into the sport then something has to give.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done a lot of carp fishing myself in the past and will do so in the future.

But I thoroughly recommend carp anglers who have never done any other form of angling do try fishing for different species once in a while.

And also I think a lot of carp anglers should try some new methods and not sticking to two rods fishing boilies or pellets on the latest rigs put out by the ‘carp stars’.

Ryan Need adopted a huge maggot-attack to win the UK Carp Cup and £5,000.

I was really pleased to see in this week’s issue that Ryan Need used 336 pints of maggots to win the UK Carp Cup.

And in next week’s carp gallery, an all-rounder reveals he blew out with big coarse fish this summer but used his barbel rods and maggots to take a string of good carp from a tough water.

And if more carpers use maggots, they might even pick up some quality ‘nuisance’ fish which might whet their appetite for new species.

And how many carpers want to ruin the pristine look of their ultra expensive rods and reels by using Methods feeders and ‘dirty’ groundbait?

Carp are great, but so are all species of fish and here at the Mail we try and bring as much of a balance as possible.


Short session success with pike… and bike!

I’d like to give my good mate Leslie Wood a plug after he’s had a good couple of pike sessions.

I’d like to give my big mate Leslie Wood a plug after he’s had a good couple of pike sessions.

As a car salesman working long hours including weekends and being a married family man, time is not on his side – much like the family men who match fish, revealed in Steve Collett’s excellent Tuesday blog.

Les used to be classed as a carp angler but just doesn’t have the time for long sessions anymore so has reverted back to his second love of pike fishing.

And after a bit of a summer break, Les fished two short sessions recently on his Wednesday day offs and just grabbed a lure rod and  a bag of bits to fish a local lake in Derbyshire.

First trip he nabs a 20 lb 1 oz snapper and another of 11 lb 12 oz in a few hours on a 19 cm Savage Gear 4Play lure in Firetiger pattern.

Then he returned a week later and had fish of 19 lb 3 oz, 17 lb 3 oz and lost a big fish….. plus landed a BMX bike (pictured, left)!

It just shows a few hours with just a small amount of kit can bring great success.



Lucky Lockey: There’s nothing ‘Lucky’ about Martin Locke, he’s a top, top angler and has just notched his 100th 50 lb carp that can be seen in this week’s issue!

Massive stripys: Big perch are one of the best looking fish in my eyes and in this week’s issue of Angler’s Mail Ken Brown hasn’t had one but two 5 lb-plus stripys in just two short trips.



RIP Tony Pawson: We all have to go at some point, but it was sad to see in this week’s issue that Tony Pawson passed away. A true old school all-round sportsman, Tony played cricket for Kent, football for Charlton Athletic and represented England at angling.

Rubbish weather: It’s been wet and foggy with a forecast cold snap soon. But luckily we’ve been sent a raft of good coarse fish in the last week to brighten your week. Remember to report your catches to us exclusives – email photos and details to: anglersmail@ipcmedia.com


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