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I THINK most anglers think fishing is a great hobby – but sometimes I do feel angling goes a bit too far with itself.

One thing that really gets my goat is when anglers write in the Press or on TV or DVD’s about fishing being sexy.

I often have read about a rod or reel being “sexy” – and blatantly it is not! It might be a brilliant bit of kit, maybe even designed well, but one thing it will never be is sexy.

One columnist, who will remain nameless, once wrote that a fallen tree was a sexy snag. I nearly choked on my cup of tea when I read that!

I think the carp fishing side is mostly to blame with a whole industry now dedicated to vastly overpriced items of terminal tackle and bait that needs flogging to what is still an ever increasing market.

And with the carp boys often having a lot of spare time on their hands stuck in the bivvies, advertising and marketing plays a big part in getting them to hand over big wads of notes for a few bits.

I remember when I started carping as a kid in the 1980s and it was rods and reels that cost a fortune but you could get all your small items relatively cheaply.

Now thanks to the far east cheap labour and materials, major items can now cost far less than a dozen packets of plastic and hooks.

And tackle dealers have confided in the Mail that some really good quality items of carp gear often go totally overlooked as brain-washed carpers go straight to a stand of more expensive but inferior products.

But I suppose that is modern society with big brands and multinationals becoming even more dominant in every aspect of our lives.

But as the recent horse-gate scandal has revealed, bigger companies trying to slash costs and letting us eat horse meat burgers has not gone down well with the general public.

I’m not saying this is anything like the tackle trade, but it is worth anglers noting it is not always the biggest companies that always do the best gear.

But fair play to any company who can make carp anglers shell out four quid for a pack of ten hooks – it is top quality marketing!

But one thing I’m positive about – angling is not a sexy sport!

Keith was a shot in the foot

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I WROTE the original Angler’s Mail article from the Angling Trust that they wanted action on Keith the River Severn seal that had taken up residence in Bewdley in Worcestershire – miles from the sea.

I know it was a cry for help from the Angling Trust who were frustrated that nobody like the Environment agency or nature groups would help safely remove the creature who was damaging fish stocks.

But to even remotely mention the fact they wanted to get a licence to shoot the mammal I think was a huge mistake.

Finally, nature groups finally agreed to help (read about it in this week’s magazine) and luckily since then Keith has started to drift further back to sea so fingers crossed it will go out of the river and back to where it is designed to live.

But I think it was a huge error of judgement to even suggest shooting Keith as that would of put angling in the worst ever possible light with the general public.



Eels! It was great to see Steve Ricketts win the £3,000 Pallatrax Specimen Cup with his astonishing catches of big eels, a species that are in decline but have a small but hardcore following. Well done Steve!



Rubbish weather. Snow and blizzards followed by flooded icy venues and then rain-lashed gales. Hopefully a good spring will see anglers back on the banks and plenty of big fish caught.




This clip of hooking big sharks and catching hard-fighting redfish has put me in the mood for my upcoming trip to New Zealand…