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RIGHTLY or wrongly, bait is usually the first thing to be championed or vilified, depending on whether you’ve caught well or failed to catch at all.

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In this week’s issue we break the news that the World record common carp has been smashed with a 100 lb 8 oz carp from French water Etang La Saussaie by Colin Smith. One of the key questions to be asked was: What bait did he use? The answer is a Premier Baits boilie, rolled to Colin’s own specifications. With the captor’s permission, the bait may become commercially available and will, no doubt, become a bit hit with carp anglers. It may even become on par with, or overtake, the current best-selling boilies on the market, which we also reveal in this week’s issue.

These news stories tie in nicely with National Bait Month, which starts in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine and for the following four weeks. You’ll find some brilliant instruction and top tips on all kinds of baits, along with regular features, to help you get the most from them to improve your catches.

The fishing bait industry is massive, and with each of the many companies vying for our money, the amount of research and expertise spent developing bait has never been greater. With each company striving to produce bait with maximum appeal, you can be sure that, so long as you buy from a reputable company, the bait will be of high quality.

Bait companies will continue to experiment with flavours and recipes to find winning formulas and, for this reason, the greatest bait ever, or at least the greatest manufactured bait, has yet to be made.

I certainly thought I had stumbled on the greatest bait when I was a keen carp angler in my late teens, some 20 years ago. I was fishing a banana-flavoured boilie without success and, with time running out until I had to pack up, in addition to the hair-rigged banana boilie I decided to hook on a couple of caviar-flavoured meaty fish bite pellets. Within minutes of casting out, I caught a nice mid-double mirror. Whether I would have caught if I had have left the banana boilie out in the water on its own, or whether the meaty bites made a difference, I’m not too sure. What I am sure of, though, is that the meaty bites gave me confidence and I wouldn’t be without them for the next few sessions. For this reason, possibly better than any ingredient in any bait that you use, is the confidence that you have in it!

Anglers are always tinkering with bait until they find a winning formula. Two other features well worth

Lugworm – the greatest bait ever?

a read this week are on two classic baits, bread and corn, which are given an extra boost to give them further appeal to fish.

You can be sure to have confidence in all of the features on bait that we cover, including top carp angler Colin Davidson’s home-made recipe for super spicy boilies, also covered in this week’s mag.

If I had to be pushed for just one bait, then I would choose freshly dug black lugworm for its versatility. It is a brilliant bait that attracts lots of different species of sea fish and an underused and underrated bait in coarse fishing. Salty and oozing with blood, fresh black lugworm is simply irresistible.




The increasing popularity of eels. Angler’s Mail Pallatrax Specimen Cup champ Steve Ricketts reveals that lots of anglers are now targeting them. Read his Champ’s Diary in the week’s issue.



More saddened than disliked, that otter and cormorant predation of the fish in the venues that John Wilson loves to fish, and with his remonstrations having fallen on deaf ears at Government level, has driven him away from Norfolk to pastures new – Thailand! Read John Bailey’s honest account on his lifelong friend John Wilson in this week’s issue.



Steve Collett explains how to get the best from this week’s free gift with Angler’s Mail – brilliant bait stops.




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