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Tommy Trinder

WELL, that was the catchphrase of gravel voiced cockney comedian, the late Tommy Trinder. But the former Fulham FC director might have been talking about fishing tackle, because the choice available for anglers has never been better.

We’ve been visiting angling trade shows in recent weeks, and what is on offer is mind blowing!

It’s not just about top range kit either. There’s something to suit every pocket in any angling style that you fancy.

This week’s Angler’s Mail features the new top range Daiwa Air pole. It really impressed our

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man on the spot Alain Urruty. However, the canny Yorkshireman was equally enthusiastic about their very reasonably priced ‘yank and bank’ pole, a robust piece of kit built to last.

I recently visited the Wychwood/MAP/Leeda trade show, and again, there were some top quality stand outs that didn’t break the bank.

Leeda’s new barbel rod was a case in point. At 11 ft long it is rated as having a 1.5 lb test curve. Now, to be honest, I think that test curves are pretty much discredited in respect of rod ratings these days, and it’s largely down to the very different actions that rods have.

There is no substitute for picking a rod up and giving it a waggle, and also putting it under some pressure. Ideally you want to run some line through the rings to do this. Bit of a problem in the tackle shop I’ll admit, but if you can do that it gives you a much better idea of what the rod is capable of.

In respect of the Leeda barbel rod, I have to say that to me it felt more powerful than 1.5 lb TC and I would have comfortably rated it at 1.75 lb, a rating which would surely have increased sales by a vast amount. Even so, at an RRP of less than £40 it is an absolute bargain. My message is: ignore the rating – feel the power!



The Rod Licence: a whopping 82 per cent of our readers voted in favour of the EA Rod Licence, but in the office we are 100 per cent behind it. The EA come in for criticism from time to time, but without proper funding they have an impossible task. They deserve our support.

Spombs: arguably the most popular and well thought out angling invention in recent years, the Spomb has really caught the imagination of specialist anglers. Our man Colin Davidson is a huge fan, and his in depth look at this increasingly popular bait delivery system is a must read for anyone who hasn’t yet tried it.

Barbel: at one time barbel were thought of as purely a summer species, but they are now a testing target all season long. This week’s Angler’s Mail has barbel in abundance, with plenty of daytime captures among them. Turning to the dark side isn’t compulsory.



Thugs: licence dodging is one thing, pulling a knife on the guys who nabbed you is another. But it goes to show that EA bailiffs really do earn their corn.

Excuses: England’s dismal showing in the World Carp Champs was blamed fairly and squarely on using the wrong bait. We’ve heard that one before – and on more than one occasion. Not so much Romania as Rube-mania.



We’ve got a trio of videos well worth watching here, all brought to our attention over the past few days.

Kevin Nash lands a whopper on a Scope rod. These new rods are fully detailed in our magazine, in an exclusive report.




Barbel action with Lewis Baldwin and Gary Newman features in our magazine – it’s a great feature. Here’s some footage from tackle brand Peg One of Lewis on another river, with Paul Garner.




Korda carp fishing gods Danny Fairbrass, Ali Hamidi and Tom Dove have just released this trailer for their new Underwater DVD.