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One Festive catch I do cherish – me with my son Bryn and a nice jack pike.

CHRISTMAS in principle should be a great time for anglers – presents galore and plenty of time off work, school or college.

But does it always work out that way?

I just don’t ever remember receiving a decent Christmas present that was angling related since becoming an adult.

Admittedly, I got my first proper rod off my Grandma when I was about nine (up to then I used my dad’s cast-offs) and a few other decent angling gifts when still at school, which I was thrilled with. In fact I’ve still kept that rod from Grandma – a 10 ft glass leger rod!

But for the past 20 years I’ve had some shockers, and they seem to have been from in-laws – maybe they were dropping me a hint!

I’ve had horrendous fish ornaments, hideous plaque carp, terrible mugs, rubbish fishing books, unfunny fish jokes and ‘thermal’ clothing that is anything but warm, and all had to be greeted with a false smile and thank you!

I’d have preferred a box of chocs, bottle of whiskey or even the cash!

Personally fishing hasn’t been good for me either around Christmas…

As a kid I was so keen you wouldn’t believe it, my angling plans for fishing ‘important’ times like Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day were also rejected as it was time meant for ‘family’.

And since becoming an adult, girlfriends take over, with pretty much the same response to time off! And when I have arranged some good fishing, frozen lakes have many times ruined plans for almost guaranteed carp hauling.

Once in Derbyshire, being totally unprepared after a carp trip was called off due to about six inches of ice on the lakes, I switched to grayling and had to trot the Derwent with about 15 yards of line in totally freezing conditions. That worked – NOT!

I did have a couple of decent Christmas sessions more recently on the Isle of Wight catching carp and pike, but last year was a ‘mare as I was going through a painful divorce.

This Christmas I’m celebrating my divorce finally coming through and would love to have a bagging session somewhere – but looking at the frozen water so far in the lead up to the festive period it might just be another damp squib for me.

Luckily my new Kiwi girlfriend Andrea WON’T be buying me anything angling related as she can’t get her head round our British coarse fishing ways – over there it’s virtually all sea fishing and eat what you catch!


I thee wed, in a shed!

I JUST loved the story my colleague Ben Weir wrote in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine about the couple who honeymooned in a fishing shed!

Dan and Leigh Knight celebrated getting married with a four-night honeymoon in a cosy carp shed at Somerset’s Pavyotts Mill.

Dan’s fallen on his feet with keen angler Leigh and if that’s the honeymoon they both wanted – then I’m pleased they had a great time.






Angling being recognised: It was great to see Graham Cridland getting the BBC Sports Personality Of The Year Unsung Hero local award in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine – and he get to party with all our Olympic heroes at the main ceremony this Sunday!



Taken too young: It was horrible having to write in the current printed issue of poor David Moss who tragically died at just 16 while doing the thing he loved most – carp fishing. But anglers are banding together to put together a proper memorial fund. Full details in the current issue.



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