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IT’S great to see Hull council support angling as we report in our news pages in this week’s Angler’s Mail.

Many angling opportunities have been lost because councils either allow venues to go in to a state of ruin or they are used for other activities.

Some might believe their local council to be anti our sport and with some degree this may well be the case.

The big problem is many councils do not recognize the social benefits from angling be this children, adults or elderly.

Those councils that have noted the benefits that angling offers will reap their rewards in the future.

It’s up to us as anglers to ‘bang the drum’ about what our sport can do for the good of our communities.



KEITH the seal is back on the agenda after news that the friendly, blubbery mammal hasn’t been sighted for the best part of a month.

If she has perished or not in what was the harshest winter for many years is anybody’s guess.

I hope that she has returned to her salty sea home and will leave the River Severn fish stocks to get on with their lives.



OUR man John Bailey talks watercraft which in my eyes for many is truly a dying art!

Pre-booked swims, bait boats, fish finders and GPS trackers have put paid to much of this and it’s a real shame.

One extremely valuable point top caper Terry Hearn mentioned was the need to learn the history of your target fish.

Find when, where and how the fish has previously slipped-up and you are 90-per-cent there to catching your quarry.

John’s Thinking Angler column in the magazine is a must-read.



FINALLY a heads up for a new series coming soon in Angler’s Mail –  Skool of Fish.

This simple yet informative feature will give you an insight into all things fishy.

If there is a specific subject you would like to know more about then feel free to e-mail me direct at ben_weir@ipcmedia.com






SPRING its finally here and it’s time to get out there on the bank.




LACK of information. The number of catch reports that we receive with little or no information is ridiculous. Just this week we received one, which was simply entitled ‘picture’…

If in doubt, give us your full catch details including weight and species of fish, venue, date of capture, plus  your name, age, occupation. Your postal address and telephone number is very handy too!

The email for catch reports is our main Angler’s Mail address: anglersmail@ipcmedia.com



WE know there’s been a lot of talk out there amongst tackle fans about a new device for making perfect balls of groundbait, quickly. The Nash Deliverance Ball Maker is its name.

Mail contributor Duncan Charman has been using his Ball Maker for a terrific bream feature in the magazine, and before he went on that mission he spoke to camera for Angler’s Mail TV.

Click below to watch the video…





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