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I RECKON a lot of anglers are missing out on quality fish because they don’t go walkabout – searching fish out rather than waiting for them to turn up on a baited area.

It doesn’t suit all waters – busy waters where there’s little opportunity to move might be tricky, and it doesn’t suit all anglers.

And there’s nothing wrong with staying put, building a swim up and enjoying the rewards – if they come.


Our own Colin Davidson’s a good example of a busy carper. If the fish aren’t there, he’ll be searching out different spots.

If you’re sitting there not catching, though, on your average small to medium-sized water, be it club or commercial, or small to medium-sized river, I reckon you should grab a handful of essentials and have a wander.

Carp are the most popular species, but your average carper is probably one of the most static of anglers.

Roving is part and parcel of chub and barbel fishing with anglers use to traveling relatively light and fishing several swims in rotation.

Piking to a degree can include a roving approach, if you leap frog your rods, lure fish or like a bit of “sink and draw”.

I’m convinced the proportion of big perch hitting the Mail’s news pages at this time of year is because of the surge in popularity of lure fishing, which just happens to be a mobile and searching method.

Back to your average boilie carper though – a lot of them seem to stay put.

There’s some great stalking anglers out there in the BIG carp world but when you come down a notch or two in target fish size – doubles and 20s – I think there’s more of a static breed of angler on the bank.


A plump river common, one of three that came after walking a couple of kilometres of bank – searching.

Doubles and 20s waters tend to be more heavily stocked so if the fish are not in front of you, they might literally be stacked up somewhere else.

Partly to blame has to be the amount of gear a lot of anglers think they have to carry, a barrow load being the norm now on many popular waters for anglers that want to ensure they’re fully armed. The sheer volume of all that kit has to be an obvious anchor.

I used to think I needed to have all the gear to be in with the best chance until I learn’t the hard way and realised on many occasions it’s the anglers that ‘ghost’ past you with a rod, net and a bucket that are often the dangerous ones!





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Be sure to get your copy of Angler's Mail magazine. And report your catches to us by email to: anglersmail@ipcmedia.com

Be sure to get your copy of Angler’s Mail magazine. And report your catches to us by email to: anglersmail@ipcmedia.com