record-carpAS MANY of you will have read in Angler’s Mail magazine, the carp expected to smash the long-standing British record is nudging towards the magic barrier after it came out recently at a best ever 64 lb 2 oz – see right.

Matt Bryant took the massive mirror called the Parrot for the SIXTH time from Berkshire’s Wasing Estate as the fish pushes towards the 67 lb 8 oz British best set way back in 2008 by Austin Holness.

It is thought the fish is the heaviest known carp alive in the UK after the previous record Two Tone passed away and many fish around the 60 lb barrier have also perished over the past five years.

The Parrot is certainly a very impressive fish and personally I think she might just go above the old best but I don’t know if she’s got the frame to become a true giant like some of her continental cousins.

But she does get caught quite a bit and I agree with Rod Hutchinson’s theory that the more angling pressure and hook damage a big carp gets, the less likely it will get to a truly massive weight.

The Parrot is creeping up in size and I’d be shocked if she doesn’t break the UK best by at least next Spring.

Be sure to get this week's Angler's Mail magazine.... with a FREE spring 2014 gear guide, big stories, tips and hotspots (this week with a special look at tench).

Be sure to get this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine…. with a FREE spring 2014 gear guide, big stories, tips and hotspots (this week with a special look at tench).

One potential contender that hasn’t really made a huge push is the Kent day ticket Big Girl who resides in top complex Elphicks.

Her recognised top weight is 62 lb 10 oz but that has been clouded by a claimed weight of 66 lb two weeks ago but this is widely thought to have been accidentally misweighed.

For she’s dropped back to her normal weight of 58 lb 6 oz days later on her latest capture by Eddie Lucia and just before her claimed top weigh she’d been caught at 57 lb.

I think a record weight is just a bit too far for the Big Girl to get to so for me I think the angling pressure will mean she won’t go over the 67 lb 8 oz barrier.

There’s a few whacker carp in Nash’s own complex in Essex but for some reason the biggest ones have never graced the banks in recent years – so will one slip up in the future? And if so will it be at the weights talking about to break the record? Only time will tell on this venue.

One interesting thing recently in Angler’s Mail magazine was the interview by Colin Davidson with “Sir” Pete Springate, one of the most respected carp anglers of all time.

Pete thinks there could well be uncaught carp of near or record size in the UK but anglers don’t go out of their way to find these rare fish which will thrive in non-pressured waters.

But whatever happens, I think the carp record will have to go at some point in the next year or so.




It was nice to see EuroMillions winner Neil Trotter is a keen angler – and I hope he spends some of the £108 million winnings on some brand new carp tackle as I know the trade need a boost. And with Neil’s huge winnings, he could help his local Surrey tackle shops out an awful lot!

The weather! I know it is the British way of life, but after a brilliant start to the spring, cold north easterly winds brought hail and even snow. Fingers crossed we have a great spring and everyone gets out fishing!



Russ Evans visits Monk Lakes in Kent for an Action Replay feature where he targets the hard fighting barbel for the Angler’s Mail cameras. This was taken a couple of years back but the same tactics work – and the barbel have grown even bigger.






This week’s Angler’s Mail HQ blog was by news editor THOMAS PETCH.

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