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I RECENTLY went fishing with a couple of friends of mine, both of whom hadn’t been on the bank for the best part of seven or eight years.

The Cell - Bobby's bait choice

Wot, no Cell?!

It was a refreshing experience in many ways. They had been away from fishing long enough to still value aspects of the sport that often get forgotten in modern day angling.

I realised this when we walked into the tackle shop and they hadn’t heard of Mainline Cell boilies. Instead, Louis opted for a tin of sweetcorn and some luncheon meat and James grabbed some halibut pellets. Not a boilie in sight.

Being a keen carp angler I turned up on the bank with a kilo of my favourite boilies and a selection of my personally tied rigs- the result of several hours tying over the previous weeks.

My banksticks were carefully planted, alarms switched on, and bobbins attached. Two rods went out, one on a chod rig and the other on a balanced bottom-bait rig I had been working on.

Louis attached a pre-tied rig with a cube of luncheon meat to accompany it, and dropped it into the margin over a few handfuls of sweetcorn. My baits were carefully placed in likely looking areas after a few minutes spent leading around, one with a PVA stick attached.

I was confident to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, I was eager for my mates to catch a few but I was also hoping to impress them with the angling experience I’d accumulated over the years since we last fished together as teenagers.

I knew it was an easy lake, a well-stocked pond of a couple of acres with a big head of carp, bream, and silvers. It wasn’t somewhere I would have gone ordinarily but I was glad to be there and excited about the prospect of a busy day’s angling.


Meat worked well, as did corn.

It wasn’t long before my expectations began to unravel. Louis had banked a couple of carp already and James had also had a nice mid-double, as well as some other smaller species. I was on the score sheet too, with one small common around the 8 lb mark but I wasn’t outdoing them by any means!

As the day went on, Louis continued to bag carp after carp on a mixture of luncheon meat and sweetcorn hookbaits, while James was catching steadily on corn and maggot fished under a waggler.

Our competitive natures had well and truly kicked in by this point and we all wanted to end the day as top rod. Louis could no doubt tell I was hoping to outdo them and was visibly delighted at the prospect of stopping me.

As the evening drew near, the session came to a close and after a bit of a stand-off to see who could leave their rods out the longest, I was finally forced to wind in and admit defeat.

My friend who had not fished in seven years had caught more carp than me- he bagged 11 in the end to my ten. James also had a good day, banking seven carp and a mass of small roach. The traditional baits had done the business, edging the boilies.

All jokes aside it was probably one of the best day’s fishing I’ve had in a while and very different to my usual pursuit of bigger carp which made a refreshing change.

In all honesty I probably would have enjoyed it even more had I just armed myself with a match rod and some lighter tackle.

That’s how we used to do it back in the day, and I was reminded of how much fun we had sitting watching a float as youngsters, and how we were blown away by even the smallest of fish. It brought back some great memories, and I’m looking forward to our next trip together.



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Below sees Adam Rayner at one profiled lake not far from where I live. The Mail editor fished there as a kid when it was a club lake with a different name, and fish were nothing like the size they are now….44 lb carp, 13 lb tench… on day ticket too! The water is shown as a Tactical Briefing in this week’s magazine.





My local river, like Mail HQ itself, is the River Thames. Here is a video featuring top London match angler Tony Curd, fishing for lower Thames bream. Some good tips here. Tony is backed by MAP tackle and you can see what MAP have coming through for late 2013 and 2014 by reading Angler’s Mail this week.





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Best of British – we salute you, inside this week’s special Angler’s Mail magazine. This big value issue is on sale from Tuesday, September 17. Get your copy!



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