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THE letters page of Angler’s Mail gives you the chance to have your say on any angling topic and the comments that we receive are usually related to the publication.

We like to act upon your comments and a letter published in this week’s edition asked us to produce more features aimed at anglers on a tight budget.

With the tough economic conditions that we are faced with, many people are feeling the pinch but the great thing about our hobby is that is doesn’t have to cost much to participate.

The lady who wrote in to us has had to take a cut in hours, and therefore also a cut in wages, which leaves her in a double quandary – more time to go fishing but less money to do so.

Get this week’s Angler’s Mail for a sequence on making your own inexpensive pole float.

In this week’s edition we have included a sequence on making your own pole floats and we’ll be publishing more articles on producing your own tackle and bait in the future, together with lots of other money-saving ideas.

You don’t need expensive tackle and bait to catch fish. Check out this week’s Where To Fish opening picture of Chris Adams who fished Elphicks Fishery in Kent with a cheap supermarket fishing set and caught the biggest fish of the day, a cracking 13 lb 8 oz carp, when fishing with his friends, who were armed with much more expensive specialised carp equipment. The great thing about fishing is that is suits anglers of all abilities and finances.

I keep my own expenditure on fishing down to an absolute minimum. I like to collect my own bait from beaches and rock pools, be it lugworm, prawns or livebaits. I also like to take home any sizeable fish that I catch and, when you look at the price of fish these days, I actually make a profit on occasions. The only thing I need to spend money on is petrol and the occasional terminal tackle item such as hooks.

People under financial pressure encounter all kinds of stress, but it should not hinder you from partaking in the hobby that you enjoy doing. Use your fishing time to get away from the stresses of life. It’s good to get the adrenaline rush when catching fish and, as we report in the news pages in this week’s mag, fishing has a number of health benefits.


Dropshotting. A technique that has been used to great effect overseas and will surely become more popular in the UK. Check out this week’s Action Replay in Angler’s Mail to see how it is done.



Alien species. Too many non-native species are found in our waters, which have a negative impact of our native species. This week’s issue reveals that zander have been found in the Sankey St. Helens Canal.



Here’s how to mix a cheap and effective paste.