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NOW and again at trade shows you come across a bit of kit – which you know is going to fly off the shelves.

The last one I saw, in the shops now, is a ready-to-go carp trap that I reckon you can take to any carp water and catch. Take it to a bag-up water and you’re likely to haul.

It’s the E-S-P Mega Method Feeder and Mega Method Rigs – just add carp, water and bait and you’re likely to be away – literally. E-S-P are going to sell shed loads this year.

The first flat method feeder for long-range big carp, which is why they’ve been released under the E-S-P and not the Drennan banner. They come complete with a method mould, just like a lot of smaller versions.

There’s a Large body size – with 2 or 3 oz loadings and an Extra Large with 2.5 oz or 3.5 oz loadings, so you don’t have to add extra ‘lead’ to create the ‘bolt’, to pull home specimen carp hooks.

The ‘stepped-up’ Method feeder sizes should do more than enough to upset big carp targeted on size 6, 8 and 10s. And here’s the next clever bit, E-S-P have released, see this weeks Angler’s Mail New Gear pages, specially tied 4 in. long, Mega Method Rigs, to use with them. Convenience in a bag. Three rigs, a feeder and a mould will set you back less than a tenner.

The rigs are tied with size 6 and 8 Curve Shanx hooks to 20 lb Camo Sinklink and size 10 hooks to 15 lb Camo Sink Link.

Just tie one on the end of your heavy ‘string’, squeeze some method mix around it, add a hookbait and let it go to work. You just need to make sure your rod, a proper carp rod, 3 lb-plus in test curve, has got enough oomph to cast out the food parcel. After all it’s likely to weigh 3-4.5 oz plus. If not try lowering one down the edge, as long as you know there’s a few fish about.

A bit more streamlined than the Drennan feeders, so they’ll cast a good distance, you’ve almost got a PVA bag presentation, without the fiddlyness or limitations of putting a PVA bag together.

It’s quicker than tying up a PVA bag thanks to the mould, and you haven’t got to worry about dissolving PVA in the rain.

Carp do seem to struggle to wise up to the Method and the experts do say baits placed inside the method ball will win you more takes, as on hard fished waters fish are less likely to pick a bait up, away from the main ball.

The moulds on the Mega Method Feeders have a small indentation so you can position your hookbait perfectly between the two ribs for maximum effectiveness.

Fished with a counterbalanced bait and a subtle soft, camouflaged braid like the Camo Sink Link on the ready-to-go rigs, your bait is likely to stay amongst the feeder mix too, just where you want it. Rather than a perhaps springy mono hook length, which could tempt the hookbait to ‘spring’ away from the main feed parcel.

As a fish catching system, whether it’s big puddle carp, runs water carp, bream or tench. They will catch a serious amount of fish and probably ‘dent’ PVA bag sales.

Even after the feed has broken down, it’s still heavy enough to act as a bolt rig and still be reasonably well camouflaged. Ignore them at your peril.




Cannibal pike – you can’t beat catching jack pike with teeth marks in if you’re a piker (this weeks Pike Scene), as you know there’s a ‘big mama’ not too far away.

Mouthfuls of PVA’d hemp – What another great little carp trap explained in Carp World by Col Davidson. I think a lot of anglers miss the fact that the black seed is such a potent and reliable attractor.

Sports Direct Cash Boost – Long may the recent backing of the Professional Anglers Association and Angling Participation Fund by sporting and leisure products giants Sports Direct continue.


More close shaves whilst pulling for a break – we’ve all had them. Do get in the habit of turning your back when trying to pull a rig free, just in case. Polaroids aren’t a bad bet either for eye protection.

Another run of cold nights – just to put the fish down again!



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