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WHAT on earth possesses anyone to leave litter on the banks of a beautiful place – or in fact even an ugly place?I am struggling to get my head round the fact that idiots leave rubbish at fishing venues.

“Nothing new” you say, but once the spring sun shines like it has done, a breed of water visitor (I hesitate to use the term angler) returns to the banks.

The picture you see (below) was part of a haul I picked up from a peg at a lightly-fished club lake in a wood in the Sussex countryside. It’s a picturesque pool too far for anyone to walk to from any housing, and accessible by car through a locked gate.

Only a determined or deranged poacher would bother, and yet how could this sorry assortment of rubbish be left behind by a paid-up club member?

Thick line galore, cans of Red Bull, bottles of beer, sandwich cartons, fag packets, not forgetting the Shell garage bag stuffed in a tree. Oh, and a crude float rig with a deep hooked perch (dead) attached to it, and a budget bankstick.

Bizarrely a shiny new blue disgorger was nestling amongst some trampled wild flowers – presumably dropped whilst half drunk, as it didn’t help the poor perch.

Some of the sorry haul in one swim, before being bagged - and binned by this week's AM HQ blogger.

Some of the sorry haul that was scattered in one swim…..before being picked up, bagged and binned by this week’s AM HQ blogger.


How can anyone, let alone an angler, go outside with a bag of stuff and then consume the heaviest parts (liquid or food) then not be bothered to take back the remains in the bag in came in? It’s criminal that people do so in an age where we all recycle our refuse in some way at home.

The fact the venue had no communal litter bin is irrelevant, there’s bog-all chance that this numbskull would  have used it.

No word of a lie, the litter lout's mate was using a porky.

No word of a lie, the litter lout’s mate was using a porky. Classic float!

I can only assume its fishing mate was also on the bank that same session, judging by two float rigs left dangling in the tree of the next peg, one of them a porcupine quill of the kind rarely seen in action since the 1980s.

If you come across someone down south using a “porky” like the one I recovered, give them a second glance, whilst admiring their old skool choice of bite indication method. Just maybe they hold the key to the crime that happened on my doorstep!

More seriously, what have I done about this incident besides ranting on here? I picked up what I saw, bagged it and binned it back at home.

And I notified the club via their forum, in case other members might knock some sense into the litter idiot, or know who it is.

We can all do our bit to stop litter being a problem, risking our access to favourite fishing venues. It’s a crying shame that we have to do this.

Bag it – and bin it. Please.




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Tragedy – the story of a pike anglers’ boat that went down is a chilling warning to anglers that we must take utmost care when fishing. One of the two boats that set off returned safely, the other tragically didn’t. If in doubt about safety, take a raincheck. The Mail does not want to report on more such sad incidents.



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