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MANY of the biggest issues facing our sport – or rather affecting the lives of fish – are also the ones being ignored.

Mention the words angling politics, and like the rather dull Labour conference this week, or those of any of the major political parties, you’ll instantly see eyes glaze over.

I thought the same of fracking until I went to Balcombe and chatted to the protesters a fortnight back. I had been wondering why nothing  had been said by anglers on a big eco issue rumbling around the media all summer.

Fracking’s obviously a big threat to water quality… but not enough people appreciate the implications yet. None of us do – there are too many unknowns, too many risks.

Put it this way…

I know, folks, let’s suck up millions of gallons of water, which is already badly managed.

Let’s add a cocktail of chemicals which belong in labs with skull and crossbones labels.

Then (after raking off some gas) release it into the environment.

And do it again, and again, and again.

That’s a bright idea, isn’t it?

No, it isn’t a bright idea.

tim at fracking

Blogger Tim at Balcombe in front of one the biggest of the protestors’ roadside tents.

Many people sadly probably don’t care, which is why it’s left to the “rent a crusty brigade” that I saw by the roadside of an exploration site in rural Sussex.

They’ve bivvied up and objected these past few lovely summer months, and the hardest of their hardcore will carry on into the chilly nights of autumn.

We all know how they won’t be taken seriously by the major political parties who do (and who allow) whatever it takes to get gas/oil, the raw materials of power.

Just look at what’s happening now with nuclear energy plant at Fukushima in Japan – authorities failing to halt an ongoing environmental disaster, one which was a huge accident waiting to happen. Radioactive tuna now swimming the oceans was hardly difficult to predict, even though the tsunami wasn’t so predictable.

Fracking for shale gas is another case of instant commercial greed and exploitation of the planet that could lead to regrettable, irreversible consequences.

In an era when “being green” is cool, it’s shocking to think that those we elect can give an aura of caring whilst at the same time quietly endorsing risky approaches like fracking.

The Angling Trust are concerned, and have produced a paper on it, as noted in their latest blog. But does the general public really care? I fear they don’t… which is a doomy scenario for the long-term future planet earth. And for its fish.

Find out more, and the hard-hitting views of top angler and water quality crusader Ray Walton, by reading the story in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine.

On a lighter note, there were some interesting shelters on display. Check out this fishy bivvy, complete with excited cat!

On a lighter note, there were some interesting shelters on display at Balcombe. Check out this fishy bivvy, complete with excited cat!



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Plastic – it’s not just unsightly big bits of plastic, like bags and bottles, floating in rivers, lakes and seas that are a worry. It’s microscopic particles that are a huge hidden risk to fish, as reported in AM magazine’s news pages.

This brilliant new issue of Angler's Mail magazine is out today - be sure to get your copy!

This brilliant new issue of Angler’s Mail magazine is out today – be sure to get your copy!





It’s a busy week indeed at Nash’s HQ as they reveal new carpy products (see the next instalment of our trade show coverage). And below is their  latest cool video blog with their man Tom Forman. In the words of AM juniors Carl & Alex, it’s a “wicked film! ” See what you think…






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