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AMLOGO20072Topmouth turmoil


THE ongoing topmouth gudgeon eradication has divided opinion amongst anglers.

The use of Rotenone to poison Cuffley Brook, Enfield, North London, was classed as an experiment as it was the first time such action had been taken in running water.

By the sounds of things it proved very efficient in wiping out the non-native topmouth, but it also saw all the coarse fish that inhabited the waterway perish as well.

The invasive topmouth gudgeon is the subject of controversial action by the EA.

The tiny invasive topmouth gudgeon is the subject of controversial action by the EA.

Some claim this is a drastic way of going about things and, as we report this week, well-regarded river campaigner Ray Walton has called for a halt to such action until a full Environmental Impact Assessment is carried out. This is a tough one to call as the Agency really are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

They simply can’t do nothing, as was the case with American signal crayfish, which are now a major problem that simply has gone too far to be solved.

If they simply sit back and allow the topmouth gudgeon population to explode then the impact on the environment and fisheries as a whole could be devastating. Check out this week’s Angler’s Mail for the latest on this story.

This week we look at your biggest angling gripes and guess what comes out number one? Litter.

Having been involved in the management of a number of fisheries, some of which were in public parkland, I can confirm this really is the scourge of angling.

That’s not to say its always anglers that are responsible the number of dog walkers who would have the decency to pick up their mutt’s mess to then hang it from a tree used to make my blood boil, the amount of bread bags that were discarded after the ducks were fed had me pulling my hair out.

Anglers aren’t always to blame but certainly don’t do themselves any favours at times.

Also this week the old rod licence debate has kicked off after Mail reader Robert McCallum asked the question: why we can’t just buy a licence per rod?

Well there are a few folk out there that ask: why do we buy a rod licence at all?? Regardless of what your views are on the matter things will remain in status quo now until 2016 at the earliest – see why in this week’s issue.





Carp angling’s stig of the lake – Gary Bayes – doing his bit for charity and having a makeover. A valiant effort for a truly worthwhile cause. Visit www.justgiving.com/garybayesnash to donate





Angling accidents!! We get quite a few cringe worthy accident pictures but this week’s image of the angler with a hook in his lip is somewhat ironic.




Catching barbel on rivers now the water temperatures are down can be tricky but a roving approach can find and catch fish interested in a bit of food. Friend of Angler’s Mail, Fox International tackle guru Andy Little, explains some rolling bait tips in this video recently added into our brilliant AMTV free-to-watch fishing library.







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