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WHAT do we want? More fish! When do we want them? Now!

That seems to be a simplistic slogan for angling today, but I know you want more than that – because you have bothered to tune into an angling blog that doesn’t promise XX Tips to dramatically boost your results.

Do you measure your angling sessions by success? Pure numbers of fish, or pounds and ounces? I once did. I don’t now.

What I measure it by is by the variable index that is: whether I’ve derived satisfaction from a session.

I’ll look back on my 2013 sessions soon and probably think first of the day I (foolishly) braved snow and ice for one perch, okay a good one over 2 lb. But having to force the car doors open with frozen fingers, then drive all the way home in first gear on treacherous roads.

I will not have such fond memories of smooth trip, catching beyond-greedy “pastie” carp one after the other to the point where after 31 fish I packed up, feeling flat.

Why 31? Because I was on peg 31 – it seemed a logical conclusion – and I was at the point of seeking ways of NOT getting a bite.

Those are just two examples of satisfaction and emptiness that can come through fishing.

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There’s of course the dreaded cost factor that is more at play today than ever before. Spending a fortune on tickets, gear and baits – anticipating yearned-for rewards – can be a recipe for disappointment.

I’ve done it, and you probably have. Balancing every glory story of the bloke who gambled and won with gallons of expensive bait/gear/tickets, are thousands of tales of woe.

Doing it on the cheap – as explained by Angler’s Mail magazine’s Richard Holroyd in last week’s AM HQ blog – can give a bigger personal payback.

A colleague in our building sold all his serious fishing gear. It became such a mess he couldn’t bare tidying it, so he flogged it off as a job lot.

When he got over the frustrations, and was gagging to just cast a line again, he bought a basic spinning kit for 20-odd quid. And after a couple of hours on the bank last weekend he was positively glowing after christening it. Just being out there brought the smile back to his face… as did some lumpy perch eventually jigged out of their lair. I know if he’d blanked he’d have loved it though!

It’s the not knowing what you’re going to get that turns me on. Angling is a gamble, and we narrow the angles in our favour as best we can. If it was too predictable, it’d be boring, but as long as you’ve enjoyed yourself… that’s cool.

Thankfully days devoid of fulfillment are rare – the “being there” factor over-rides that.

Many anglers I know simply have to have a precise target, a definable one in terms of numbers of fish or, more often, a target weight – be it a total weight or individual specimen size.

To me that sets yourself up for disappointments. I’ve known some awesome anglers put undue pressure on themselves to succeed too regularly – and ultimately drop out of the sport.

It’s better to enjoy the moment, the being there, I say…


Never mind PBs & hauls… here are 10 ways you know you’ve had a good session!

1.   You don’t want to pack up

2.  You’ve seen something memorable

3.  You’ve learned something new

4.  What you tried worked

5.   You’ve picked up ideas for next time

6.   You met someone interesting

7.   Your personal worries evaporated

8.   You got out after a break away

9.   Your enthusiasm’s renewed

10.  It’s cost you virtually nothing


How do YOU measure angling success? Drop me an email to: tim_knight@ipcmedia.com



The calendar boys – we’re right behind the angling clubmen stripping off with their tackle for a 2014 calendar. My cod,  that coastal crew have got some balls! And luckily we don’t have to see them. The full story and selected pictures are revealed in page 7 of this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine.

Read about the calendar boys in the new issue of Angler's Mail magazine.

Read about the calendar boys in the new issue of Angler’s Mail magazine.



Frost – while surfing the internet from sunnier climes last week, I read a grim long-term forecast for the longest winter ever.  Scaremongering, I hope. After my sunshine break away I  returned to  temperatures nudging just below freezing and white stuff everywhere. If the next six months are indeed  another “freaky freeze up” we’ll be getting the ice-breaking gear out to fish.




If, like AM HQ, you are a fan of the work of Hugh Miles (A Passion For Angling, Catching The Impossible etc) then take three minutes to watch the video posted today by the BBC on their website.

hugh miles

Watch Hugh Miles talk about his work at this link > http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-25086871



Two big brands from carp fishing – Atomic and Mainline – tell me they linked up for a winter video series that’s free to watch online. Here’s the first of many vids…





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