ANGLER'S MAIL editor Tim Knight selects seven most memorable angling moments of summer 2014, on the eve of autumn beginning in the UK. Highs and lows, catch up here now…


1. Euro Aqua’s monsters for British anglers

In the news in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine after a truly incredible haul of the World’s BIGGEST carp, this Hungarian venue is putting smiles on anglers from Britain. The  angler, Steve Weir, pictured above with a fish caught early in summer is amongst the visitors. It took a while for the Brits to get on the venue, and with the colossal carp on offer that’s no surprise! Find out more about Euro Aqua Lake here. Be sure to get Angler’s Mail print or digital magazine for giant carp exclusives.


2. KHV, the Ebola of angling, returns

A real low, the spectre of Koi Herpes virus – the Ebola of angling – returned. Angler’s Mail magazine heard a breakout was on the cards, and so it has proved with over 20 venues in England affected – widely spread too. I spoke to the highly productive West Country venue Avalon Fisheries this week, and was relieved to hear they’d quickly been given the ok to carry on. They were lucky, and weren’t badly hit….in fact anglers are bagging up! Some other waters have really suffered bad losses. Of  course, net dipping/drying and basic biosecurity is key to help stop KHV spreading from venue to venue.


Team Ireland & Daiwa rep Nick Howell has a 4lb 7oz Roach

3. These impressively gigantic  roach!

With a World record of 7 lb 1 oz, way over what we have listed for Rutilus rutilus on the British record list these are super roach. In Latin they are called Rutilus pigus virgo. Related to our roach, but like you and me are in the same human race as turbo-charged Usain Bolt.

These monster fish caught Angler’s Mail’s eye when previewing the testing World Champs venue. Specimen  fans and match fishing baggers would all love to catch redfins like the four-pounder you see here, caught by Nick Howell. Ginger Nick’s a Daiwa rep in Ireland where a 2 lb roach is just as rare as here in mainland Britain.


4. England’s golden World and European victories

It’s been a sporting summer to forget, largely, if you’re British. Last weekend’s lowly 16th place at the World Championships was a coarse angling downer for England too. But prior to that Drennan Team England won the 2014 Euro title. And the Preston Innovations England Feeder Team won gold in their World Champs in Ireland. Two out of three major World titles ain’t bad!


5. Huge breakthrough in pollution fines

A news story with (hopefully) wide reaching consequences, we reported how Thames Water’s pollution of a tiny stream, killing insects, cost them £250,000. Beefed up fines are what are needed for a cleaner Britain, as Angler’s Mail magazine news editor Thomas Petch explains in his recent blog. I’d like to see tougher action on litter next.



6. World whoppers shared on the web

There’s no getting away from it, social media reveals awesome big fish every day from all over the world, if you have time to look around. If you’re short of time the shortlist of 5 most eye-catching Facebook catches I prepared recently is worth a gander. The albino catfish above was amongst those highlights. We’ve also been impressed by many of the catches posted by Angler’s Mail magazine fans on our LikeMyCatch people’s gallery.


7. Must-see free fishing videos – watch them here!

I was asked this week which 2014 angling videos have I enjoyed most? Being on a busy magazine and website, time to watch fishing videos is less now than it ever was.

But I made a cuppa, opened a packet of biscuits, and made time this summer to log-on and watch three long ones from start to finish, knowing they’d be good. They were better than  good!

They are the latest in the Urban Banx series (European epic  and Bristol escapades), and Carl & Alex’s Park Lake Campaign.

Epic viewing, all three, even if you’re not into carp fishing. Highly recommended, and embedded below for you to enjoy at your leisure….












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