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IS fishing cool, trendy, hip or whatever the word maybe these days?

Ask any angler and the overwhelming majority will say yes but those that look in from the outside would certainly beg to differ.

One thing that has really improved in recent times is angling clothing that can now be classed more like outdoorsy, bordering in some cases as “street”.

See more on how Mark Munson is making fishing cool by reading the latest issue of Angler’s Mail magazine.

One fella who has certainly been at the forefront of this clothing revolution is Mark Munson who first came into the spotlight a few years back with Diem clothing.

Mark’s vision and thought on what anglers needed and more importantly wanted was groundbreaking putting angling in the same bracket as skateboarding, surfing or mountain biking.

Now I’m certainly not saying that angling is the same as these high-octane sports but this doesn’t mean we don’t deserve some fashion sense!

Mark’s latest venture with Navitas continues in the same vein but from the mouth of the man himself its better quality.

In a quick overview of their products both myself and colleagues giving Mark and the rest of the team a Navitas a huge thumbs up.

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Is fishing a hobby or sport?

ANOTHER question put to me last week was “is angling a hobby or a sport?”

Now this is surely a matter of opinion and admittedly I couldn’t answer the question straight off.

Consulting with the rest of the Mail HQ found a quick poll gave hobby the slightest of margin of victory.

Those that quibbled these results were of course from a match fishing background and dutifully argued until they were red in the face.

Even after much debate I can’t say we have a definitive answer.


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The “record pike” everyone’s talking about

THIS week we report on one of the most historic catches in many, many years in the shape of Jeff Dandy’s 46 lb 1 oz Esthwaite, Cumbria, pike.

Now the fact that Jeff didn’t get photos is not to say it didn’t happen.

There have been loads of people pouring scorn on his report even before they had heard any of the story let alone the full version of events.

At Angler’s Mail we regularly have people ‘trying it on’ but most of the time such attempts are nipped in the bud early on.

Having spoken with Jeff at great length and taking him on face value I have to say that I have no doubts that Jeff most certainly caught a fish of a lifetime.






Fishing themed weddings: We have seen a few over the years but Andy and Maria Dickinson’s is by far the most impressive.



Arctic blast: ‘Hot’ on the heels of floods of biblical proportions comes an ice cold blast. Bring on the spring!




This one is not from the tackle trade, it’s a dramatic scene of pike attacking prey shot underwater and it lurks on our brilliant AMTV Player where you will find all sorts of offbeat stuff, plus instruction, products and big names.

You can read how predators take their prey in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine, where Dr Stuart Clough explains all.






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