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Don’t be a blanker. And don’t be blinkered. The fish tips in this blog will boost your confidence to catch fish again.


Try a new venue

A change is a good as a rest – better in fact. But if you rest, you ain’t gonna catch! It’s not so much admitting defeat as testing your skills elsewhere. Return to the venue you struggled at later – it’s not beaten you.


Go somewhere much easier

It’s a lazy excuse to say swims you’ve fished have been rubbish, or the venue isn’t what it was. It’s no wonder heavily stocked commercial fisheries are busy all year…people catch fish. One trip to an easier venue can bring you peace of mind. Get the rod bent – you are back!



Maybe it’s time to make that wormery you promised you’d make?

Get better baits

The bait that isn’t working really might not be what the fish want…

Is the bait you’ve been using fresh enough? Are the flavours or colours right?

A trip to the tackle shop or supermarket or even animal feed merchants – or a bit of time buying online.

Or even build that wormery you promised yourself, or make that special paste or must-catch boilies.

This will give you a lift instantly, as you’ll fancy the new bait’s chances of delivering.


Scale down

I know not every angler is convinced about this, and will stick rigidly to big baits on big hooks with heavy line, until the fish have it. But what do matchmen do? If 0.14 mm hook links not bringing enough it’s down to 0.12, 0.10, 0.08….


Time to sort the rigs out won’t be wasted time, and will boost your confidence, knowing you are prepared.


Sort your gear out

Tie up extra rigs or hook links – it’s time well spent. Gear a bit cruddy? Maybe the fishing bag’s not been cleaned for years (mine wasn’t til last Sunday). Have a thorough clean and tidy. Get re-set for your next challenge.


Watch angling TV

You’re spoiled for choice, and there are hints in anything angling you’re likely to watch. Or escape with a dose of fantasy fishing with the likes of Jeremy Wade or Robson Green. Why not see 2014’s top carp fishing videos or watch Steve Collett’s coarse tips videos.


Where will you be buying most of your tackle and bait?

Retail therapy – not to be underestimated. But not always a cheap fix!

Retail therapy

It works for women – and men – as a quick, but not necessarily cheap, pick-me-up. Banish your blanking blues by buying whatever you can afford, and hopefully need.

The tackle trade will like me for offering this tip, but it really will lift your spirits, as anglers attending the annual shows like The Big One will testify.


Research = results

Get your mind into a positive state by genning up. There are loads of tips on this website.

You’ll feel like you know your way around venues you’ve never yet tried  just by using Google Maps and Google Earth. Look up clubs in your area – most now have a half-decent website or Facebook page, maybe even a forum.

See what tactics scored locally. Or even go for a drive around, a recce mission, old school style. And of course keep reading the essential Angler’s Mail magazine Where to Fish section.



Aah… the thought of fishing holiday is enough to cheer you up. Fish this big are waiting for you… in your dreams!!


Book an angling holiday/trip

Needing something to look forward to is why holiday bookings are at a peak in January and February. Summer seems far off, but if you seek the perfect trip, research it, and book it, you’ll be uplifted into a brighter frame of mind.


Earn extra brownie points

I know crafty anglers do this when conditions are poor or action has been slow. They put in a shift. Boring, maybe…but a wave of DIY or decorating at home, or – if you can – working ahead in your job or studies, can give you a chance to fish more in the near future. You’ll have earned it, and nobody will deny you.


I hope one or all of these tips helps turn around your poor run of form. Everyone goes through it, but you’ll bounce back!

Tight lines,




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