Keen anglers take fishing seriously, but with the person come some interesting side-effects that don't always translate well into relationships. Here are a few of our favourite reasons why dating an angler can sometimes be a headache...

Here goes – our top 10 reasons not to date an angler… in no particular order…

1. The mood swings

An angler’s mood can often depend on whether they have had a good fishing session. A bad day on the bank can often make for a miserable companion that evening. Anglers also suffer from withdrawal symptoms if they haven’t been fishing for a while. Either way you will probably have a grumpy partner at some point… due to angling.

2. Anglers = Bad smells

No one wants to think they smell – but, come on, anglers there is no denying that it is a smelly hobby. If you date an angler you will have to get use to their smelly car, smelly shed and possibly a smelly room. Those wet nets and bait that got forgotten to get thrown away will turn your stomach.


3. You will be No.2 in their life

Be prepared to take a back seat in this relationship. Don’t be surprised that their Facebook profile image is a picture of their best catch instead of you.

4. Now you see them… now you don’t

Anglers can often disappear for hours and sometimes days on a fishing session… Just to make this disappearing trick even more annoying they often dont have mobile signal so you will have no idea when or where they are..

Any opportunity to wet a line... or check out a possible hotspot...

Any opportunity to wet a line… or check out a possible hotspot…

5. Hidden agenda

You might be fooled by their sudden interest in offering to book your summer holiday or romantic weekend break. Only to arrive at your stunning holiday destination to realise the view is across a stunning fishing venue.

6. Your food will grow legs and walk off…

Have your noticed you have bought tins of sweetcorn, meats or catfood, and they seem to just disappear. Of course these all make great bait ingredients. Dating an angler will mean you have to double-up on kitchen supplies.


7. Interesting choices of TV viewing

Their idea of a nice romantic night in, cosying up on the sofa, watching a favourite DVD will probably mean… a 3-hour underwater carp DVD. They also grab the remote and flick over River Monsters when your favourite TV show is on. And disappear onto the computer for some hardcore angling (including these AM-recommended free films).

8. Anglers love to talk…

…about fishing, more fishing and more fishing. Even when you think they are listening to you – they are thinking about fishing.


9. You will have to compete for storage space

All this fishing needs equipment, a lot of equipment, and it all needs to go somewhere. You will find you open cupboards, the car boot, loft, carage, even wardrobes and out will pop some angling gear.

And last but not least…



Live maggots, where better to store them than in the fridge? Anglers much prefer to keep them in a container with the lid off, so they can breathe and don’t sweat…which inevitably leads to maggots on the loose in your fridge.

Despite all this, you know what they say: if you can’t beat them, JOIN THEM!



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