YES - as the headline suggests - there are virtually unknown fishing hotspots near you worth seeking out, as our blogger Colin Mitchell explains.

MANY anglers are always searching for new places to fish.

Some are happy to keep on going back to the same water or even the same swim but others look for pastures new. I’m one of those who always likes to try a big mix of venues and admit to sometimes getting bored of going back to the same places.

A big moan is that there are no new places to go fishing. Wrong!

Over the past three years I have had the time to look for new venues, often close to home, and have surprised myself by what I have found.

Now some of them have been day ticket or club lakes I have either not bothered trying in the past and others have been venues I have finally got round to visiting. But there are others that I’ve discovered by quite simply getting a large scale OS Map and then investing a bit of time on the Internet.



I have lived in the same are for around 30 years and know it quite well but I have actually found two new tiny streams that hold fish and four small ponds within ten miles of home that also offer a day’s sport.

The tributaries have not been fished – or at least they don’t look like they have. I’ve not caught much but just the thrill of a few fish from a totally unknown water makes up for that.

The first fish was a rogue trout, which did get me thinking. But then I had roach and dace and I have also seen chub which I have yet to catch.

Lakes I’ve never seen before

Of the four lakes, I discovered that two belong to a tiny club, which did take some tracking down. They are hardly fished but they do hold some decent specimens – as I discovered during a quiet walk around one of them before the weather turned cold.

There were fish swirling and a few bubbles from bottom feeders which got me ready to fork out my small annual payment for 2017.

The other two ponds were on farmer’s land. I just went and asked if they held fish and if anyone every fished them. The answer was yes to the fish, no to anglers going there. Oh… and a yes that I can go there and have a go for anything that swims providing I am careful, report back and don’t go too often. One farmer is about to get a nice bottle of Scotch for Christmas…

So the doubters out there are probably saying something like ‘oh, but I have looked and there are no places near me like that.’

Well some of my angling friends said the same to me when I started looking for hidden venues. They still didn’t believe me when I said I had found some of the waters – one we had actually driven past on a number of occasions without even realising it was hidden behind trees!

Now one of my angling mates can’t wait to get on the bank to try out these new venues…

Don’t expect big fish or a lot of fish. But like my small stream captures they will be part of a new and, to me, exciting angling adventure.

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