THE Angling Trust are calling on all anglers who have fished National Championships – past and present – to add their views to a major survey which could shape the future structure of these historic annual match fishing events.

Following feedback from initial consultations, the Angling Trust’s website now carries a page which puts forward four potential proposals for amending the National Championships format for all interested parties to vote and comment on.

In a nutshell, the big match fishing proposals involve:

Option A

One Day National, weekend before pre-August Bank Holiday. Teams of Ten. Any method, Individual Championships to end with match winner to take this title. Also Teams of five Float and Feeder Nationals, fished to international rules. Feeder mid-July, Float early October. Float winners to represent England at World Club Championships.

Option B

Separate single-day Rivers, Canals and Commercials team Nationals. Teams of 8 or 10. Followed by FIPS rules World Clubs Champs qualifier in early October. (Qualification criteria for this unstated other than ‘multiple entry possible’)

Option C

Regional events, held May-July, qualifying for annual one-day teams of eight National Premiership. Float National as per Option A proposal. Commercial National retained as at present.

Option D

To leave the entire Nationals system as it currently stands.

Pinnacle of club fishing

Angling Trust senior competitions manager Ben Thompson said: “Nationals should be the pinnacle of club fishing in England. However, we are aware that the number of teams competing has declined over the years.

“We are committed to ensuring the Nationals are fit for purpose, to attract new and lapsed teams while retaining the core of teams that still participate.

“This is an opportunity for anglers to give us their views. It’s a very important part of the process. The opinions of anglers will shape how the Nationals look in years to come,” he added.

The outcome of the survey’s feedback would be introduced in 2017. Closing date for submissions is Sunday, March 13, 2016. To take part in the survey directly, visit the Angling Trust’s website

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