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What lies beneath?


I’M NOT  sure whether or not you may have seen the Korda Underwater DVDs, and although they may not have a massive match man appeal, I love ’em and hate ’em equally!

I love them because I like fish and fishing, and absolutely everything to do with fishing, and there is nothing more fascinating than watching your bait being taken by a fish from an underwater perspective. Some of the things that go on underwater still amaze me now, especially the carps cunning ability to eject a bait, or move your rig with little or no indication – it’s amazing, and if you haven’t seen them take a look.

So why hate them, well it’s done me nut in! Every time I cast out now, I cast my mind back to Underwater 8 and I’m convinced I am getting done every five minutes. It’s changed my game – I think for the better, but these videos have warped my mind!

We now have an insight as match anglers with a new DVD from Matrix fishing, and my mate Les (who has a beauty so rare, no one has ever found it!) runs through what goes on when you’re fishing the Method, a part of fishing that most of think we can just cast out and leave it. It’s that simple, right?

The new Matrix DVD is available from stockists now.

The new Matrix DVD is available from stockists now.

I have always been intrigued by Method feeder fishing, is it just luck or is there an element of skill to it, because basically you’re throwing out a “mousetrap” as Dean Barlow calls them. You sit and you wait, sometimes it goes round other times it doesn’t. Well there is a lot more to it than that, as these DVDs reveal. The majority of skill comes from only two components of Method feeder fishing – the mix and the cast, the rest is down to the fish.

If you were to put ten blokes in a line, every cast would be different, much like a golf swing. I have a very different swing to that Jim Furyk, for example, and casting a Method is an art in itself, and it is vital to get your “mousetrap” down on the deck complete with some food around – that’s the idea, right?

The ‘hit the clip’ method that is so popular these days has been blown out as being next to useless 70% of the time, as the bait slides off. Imagine a crash test dummy, and how it propels itself forward when hitting something – this is what happens with a lot of feeders, leaving you with a pile of bait away from where you want it! Something new I have learned.

The best way to cast one, according to a fair bit of underwater footage I have seen in the UK and in Holland, is to “feather” the cast down to the clip, slowing down the “crash test dummies” and keeping them in the car. This pleases me, because I use the method for a lot of my specimen fishing, and I never clip up, choosing to feather it and tie a bit of marker elastic to it – something that hasn’t let me down yet.

So whilst we are going through this bad patch with the weather, see if you can get hold of the Matrix DVD (not the one with Keanu Reeves in but the one with Les Thompson) It really is thought provoking stuff this underwater game, just beware – it can send you insane. Do you really want to know what’s going on?


collett match awards


It looks like my beloved rivers are going to be out for the rest of the season now, and although there have been a few matches going on, like the River Soar open at the weekend, sport has been very patchy. Not so patchy for this week’s winner who always amazes me with their passion and commitment they put in to maintain their position within top flight angling, and keep a young family going as well, then throw in the mix that she is a lady!

Drawing peg 22 on Passies main lake, this weeks winner saw off the rest of the all-male field to win comfortably with 44-5-0 of skimmers at 13m (and switching to the feeder when things went quiet) A stunning performance and well worthy of her second or third Angler’s Mail Performance of the Week, Sam Sim – legend.