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Steve Collett – our weekly blogger here – has been catching specimen perch like this on adapted match fishing gear. Read the new issue of Angler’s Mail magazine (out now) to see exactly how he does it. Top tips in the stunning Action Replay feature!


ARE we really a bunch of miserable gits? Every hiker, canal boater and canoeist seem to think so.

Only this weekend I encountered a middle aged couple, head-to-toe in North Face Goretex, walking the riverbank. And as they drew closer, after navigating a few pole section from anglers further down the bank, I greeted them as I usually do: “Morning, how are you?”

Are too many anglers giving off a bad impression?

The seemingly well-heeled couple stopped in their tracks and stared. I had to check whether or not my face was covered in chopped worm.

“Whats wrong?” I said, to which she replied “Nothing, you’re the only angler who has smiled and said hello.”

She then went on to say how they had walked the bank of the canal, and saw lots of fishermen with long rods, and they were all very miserable, making these hikers feel completely unnerved as if they weren’t supposed to be there.

So we had a long conversation, and she was genuinely interested in my brightly coloured Goretex attire, the amount of carbon we were wielding and what makes us do this week in week out. It was a very pleasant chat.

After asking what they did for a living, I was glad I took the time out – they were actually researchers for the BBC and were just two minutes ago discussing what a miserable bunch of gits we were, basically thinking what most of the non-fishing public think.

Think about it. We have no other “friends” sharing the waterways…. boaters on the whole can’t stand us, canoeists are forever at logger heads with us, birdwatchers think we all go out to strangle swans, and rowers fear us. So should anything happen to our beloved rivers and canals who is on our side? Who does like the angler, not many I can tell you.

All of this seemingly bad PR got me thinking that we need to do more to change the public perception of anglers.

I am not saying we have to hug a boater and embrace a walker, but I am sure the “F*#k off, I’m fishing there” approach wins us no favours.

The odd smile and hello costs nothing, and it can only do the future of angling good, something we desperately need.

Now don’t get me wrong I haven’t turned into a daisy saving tree hugger overnight. I have just been mixing with some very influential telly types that can cut their media cloth accordingly.

I would rather be with them than against ’em. Smile and the world smiles with you!



Great to see a few more Kamasan points qualifying matches around this weekend, and with the rivers dropping, and a mild tinge to the weather, the canals seemed to be fishing well.

The first round of the Sensas Pairs on the Loughborough Canal started of well with 7 lb needed to get anywhere near the frame, but my Angler’s Mail performance of the week has to move  down Hereford way, and goes to Rory Jones (Hereford).

Rory had a superb day’s fishing to take the honours on the River Wye at Belmont from peg 96 with 33-4-0 of barbel and a few chub on the Bolo narrowly taking the victory from Colin Harvey (DH Angling) who had 32-2-0 in what was a cracking match with 20 lb-plus needed to take a section.

A superb performance against a very high quality field, take a bow Rory Jones, this week’s Angler’s Mail performance of the week.





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