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FAME! I WANNA live forever! No, not the song Fame, I’m talking about fame in angling.

It’s nice to be known, but it’s even nicer to be known for doing something, like catching a big fish, winning a big match, or generally being half decent at our chosen sport.

So what am I mumbling on about? What’s been grinding my gears this week?

Well as most of us have been, I have been going stir crazy sat at home whilst our underwater world goes about its business under a few inches of ice and snow un disturbed.

I again, like most of you have been stocking up on magazines, and other angling related media, including the internet. And boy has this left me puzzled?

What’s happened in fishing? Online, I’m being force-fed crap, by some spotty kid who can hack the into the Pentagon. Yet to a newcomer, or a recent iPad convert this guy’s word is gospel.

I buy the Angler’s Mail, especially for tips and where to fish. It’s the best.

I search the ‘net for the same. A few keywords here and there and I may stumble across a gem of a tip, or a secret venue only a few miles away from my local haunts, learn from the greats – the Ringers, the Phil Smiths, the Bowlers, the Scotthornes to name a few.

So how come you see very little of them, in the mags? On the internet it’s full of Peter Whos, William Wheres; folks that have become famous for being very good at social media, very good at self-promoting, but NOT very good at catching fish or revealing venues.

Folks that make You Tube videos for the sake of making You Tube videos, and in turn picking up sponsorships, so they can be force fed even more upon us.

Take the carp scene for instance. If you work for a fairly decent brand, that spends a few bob, you can pretty much invent yourself as the greatest thing since Dick Walker. Work for a half decent match fishing brand and hey presto, you can pretty much become a overnight sensation.

So the question I would like to ask is…

To be top of your game in angling do you have to better at social media and winning ten-peggers, or channel your time into actually fishing?

I mean fishing for yourself (not the camera) and if results come your way, you know they are hard-earned.

I don’t know anymore, after a week of trawling the angling media, I am confused. I’m not sure where it’s going to end.

I always want to learn, I need to know everything, it’s just the way I am. I didn’t go to school, so I use the riverbank as my classroom, and I have never stopped learning.

If I leave that environment I feel as if I am being hoodwinked, conned into reading a load of sponsored tat, rather than the real thoughts of the angler.

And if someone catches a big fish, I want to go and catch it too, not be tempted by wonderful estate lake photos and huge fish, only to read “Mr Look At Me I’m Great. I was fishing a private estate lake, no fishing allowed.”

It grinds my gears ! I want to know where he is, how much it cost, what did he catch them on REALLY not because his sponsor says so.

I’m not ashamed of this fact, that I would go where someone else has – are you?

Steve Collett stars on the cover and inside this week’s Angler’s Mail with a revealing On Tour feature and hard-hitting My Say piece. The magazine has loads of tips and tricks that really DO work to keep you catching!


Ok, this is catch caught back in warmer days, by Michael’s freezing win was hot stuff.

This week again the award should go out to anyone who was brave enough.

It’s been horrendous, and one result that stood out after several phone calls was that of Michael Buchwalder (Preston Innovations/Daiwa Dorking) who won the 50 peg Kamasan Qualifying match run by the March AC on the River Nene.

Michael drew under the town clock to put together a superb 15-15-0 of roach and skimmers fishing 5 metres to hand on the punch.

A superb result and well worthy of this week’s Angler’s Mail performance of the week. Well done Michael Buchwalder.






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