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I WAS having a chat to Ian “Chappy” Chapman this weekend about which region holds the most gifted match anglers or anglers full stop.

It became a quite interesting debate, but highlights the very different styles and disciplines that anglers from other regions adopt, and also highlights the very different matches they fish.

Have a look again at the Angler’s Mail’s superb Kamasan qualifying match results and it will be pretty clear to see where the big matches are being held.

Unfortunately for me it’s not in my manor of the midlands, but is that saying they are not as good as the 56 or so that fished the Stainforth and Keadby  the weekend? I don’t know, but the very differing styles is certainly an eye opener.

Ask any angler from Dudley or Wolverhampton how many top 5s they posses and I would pretty much guarantee it would be very few. Yet move 60 miles up t’road to Notts and it would be a different story. But again does that make one or the other any better, or is one area more adept at certain styles?
It’s an eye opener I tell you, especially travelling round for the Angler’s Mail’s Where to Fish section. I love it, I love the different attitudes, methods, and skill levels. It has the main ingredient that keeps me going – knowledge, picking up tips here and there, from one type of angler to another. It definitely keeps my interest fresh.

If I had to pick one region, that I think houses the best I don’t think I could at the moment. I know certain lads that would wipe the floor with most catching 1-2oz fish from the North West, but I also know Midlanders that could wipe the floor with them catching 5-10lb carp, and Southerners that could out fish anyone on bream waters. So who is better? I’d be interested to know your thoughts.


Boys toyz for match fishing fans

THIS weekend I didn’t manage to get out match fishing, I attended the Tackle and Guns show. This came after a few other shows to see the latest bits and bobs that will be hitting the shops soon. Angler’s Mail is bang on the case with their show coverage, and I have highlighted a few of my own winners that you will no doubt be using next season in a top five style!

In chart countdown style…

Shimano reels impressed me.

5. Preston’s ready rod spool safe – a very innovative product that allows your rod to be banded together, so you can swap your reels between made up rods. Very clever

4. Shimano’s Aero match FA, and feeder reels – these look to be a real winner for this season. Everything about them is right, and they come with line reducers to eliminate the need for backing, and give excellent line lay. I’ll be getting a pair

3. MAPs flat V rollers – these have been on the shelves for a while now, but you may not have seen them as they sold out straight away. A very simple innovation on a vital piece of kit.

2. Matrix seatbox, and accessories – when this lot hits the shops you will be able to tell instantly that its been designed by top flight anglers. It has everything you need, yet no one has ever produced, very good indeed.

1. MAPs TKS 801 pole – Number one spot has to go to this. I don’t think I have ever hidden the fact that until now I have been convinced that the Airity was the benchmark pole, and being involved with MAP that raised a few eyebrows. This pole and the package available, and the realistic spares prices, has seriously impressed me.





All in all, you lucky anglers have a lot of new goodies heading your way. It’s great to see such innovation, and quality being put to the top of this list on the manufacturers to do lists this year. Keep your eyes peeled in the Angler’s Mail magazine for the latest news and reviews.


This week’s winning performance took place on the St. Helens Tackle and Bait Cancer Research match at Carr Mill Dam. It goes to Jim Hines who managed to tempt a superb 17-4-0 of skimmers to 12 oz on the tip, and took part in raising over £1000 for Cancer Research. A great performance and a worthy charity, take a bow Mr Hines.



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