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THAT’S IT, I have had enough of commercial crap fishing in the winter. At the risk of getting a punch on the nose, I just can’t see the point or skill element in it, and the match is won or lost at the draw. Simple as that.

This weekend I went on another Semi Final practise at Dynamite Makins fishery, and unusually I drew a good peg, one that had form, and had framed a few times. In fact, I watched my Trentmen team-mate Anthony King win the lake of it only two days previous, so I knew “the hole” in the peg, I knew where to catch ‘em.

So it was surely just a case of sitting there, dangling a bit of corn in front of them, and it would be a stockie carp a chuck?

“Easy” I thought as I ran to peg. And only a few rigs were needed, nothing complicated. There were that many fish there on Thursday Anthony had liners whilst plumbing up. This was going to be a walkover.

How wrong I was, as soon as I plumbed up and found the famous “hole” on Snake 5, I had a feeling, the fish had moved – no liners, no signs, no nothing, it seemed barren. I kept to Anthony’s advice, fished it the way I saw him do on Thursday, but still nothing.

They had moved, all the little stockie carp that where in the area on Thursday had gone swim about. They do that, fish – swim! So what can I do?

Well instead of sitting there like Terry Waite’s bike, I decided to try and catch a few silvers, and introduced a worm and caster line at 8 metres where the awesome Lee Kerry had been a few weeks before and had 40-plus pound. And they had gone from there.

A different line was added and a few perch started to oblige, and a few more, and a few more. 40-odd of them later on I quite enjoyed myself, the float was going under, and I had a pleasant afternoon, especially watching the phenomenon that is Wayne Mellings ship 16 metres one-handed whilst on the phone to the Samaritans.

After a few hours I had managed to amass over 17 lb of bits and bobs and had a good day, or did I? It meant nothing, further round the lake in the bottom corner, carp seemed to be jumping into people’s nets. It was like the lake had an electric fence put between the top half and the bottom corner.

The weights showed this – at the top corner, a DNW and bites were scarce, and the total of carp caught was minimal. Then the bottom corner produced a near ton 97lb I think and a 50lb weight, and this was the same story around the complex.

So again I’m driving back thinking A: do I want to be doing this week in week out, and B: is the real skill at the drawbag? Whatever it is, I am going to struggle to load my gear into the car for the next few weeks unless I am on a bit of running water, or a bit of specimen fishing.

I honestly believe that this is costing fishing dear, as I am yet to see any happy faces, or have anyone tell me that they really enjoy their day’s fishing. After a few weeks of it, folks give up the ghost, don’t bother going, and their fishing tackle becomes like Anne Frank’s drumkit.

The highlight of my week though came at Wayne Mellings’ expense, and watching him trying to emulate Tom Daley, by slipping down a muddy bank straight onto his bum. If there was an Angler’s Mail award available for this, Mr Mellings would have won it!


This week has seen some great matches up and down the country, the last round of the Wye league, and the seemingly unstoppable Micheal Buchwalder winning yet again; it would be hard to choose a winner, but having spoken to a few people it would have to go to Shakespeare’s Paul Bick.

Paul completed a fine all-rounder’s performance with a team win at Tunnel Barn, and a individual victory on the canal at Loughborough with 3.11 on Sunday’s ultra-hard 75 pegger. A real all-round angler, and he deserves this week’s Angler’s Mail Performance of the Week.



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